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Serving the Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Communities


Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Communities


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This Popular Cleaning Solution Can Ruin Your Drains

Drainage-Draining-Sink-WaterWe’ve all been there at some point in time. You’re using the kitchen sink, when suddenly wastewater fills up the sink, and turning on the disposal doesn’t help. Or, you’re brushing your teeth in the bathroom sink, watching it fill up with water instead of draining the way it’s supposed to. Clogged drains can be frustrating, and if the problem is serious, you want a solution—fast.

Many homeowners turn to chemical drain cleaners to do the trick, hoping they will solve a problem with a slow drain faster. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. And even when it is, chemical drain cleaners can still ruin your drains. Learn more in the guide below, and find out what expert plumbers recommend as an alternative.

The Problems with Chemical Drain Cleaners

Those drain cleaning liquids you find on store shelves are made up of different chemicals designed to target organic materials in the pipes. When you pour them into the drain pipe, they break down these materials so they can move down the pipes with ease. But this isn’t always the case.

  • It doesn’t get rid of every organic material. While it may be designed to dissolve some contaminants, like hair, your chemical drain cleaner may not get rid of other types of organic materials in the drains.
  • The problem might move further down the drains. Chemical drain cleaner is really only useful on blockage toward the top opening of the drains. If any materials aren’t dissolved at the opening of the drain pipes, they may simply get pushed further along the pipes and into the sewer line, creating blockage where it is most difficult to remove.
  • The chemicals can ruin the lining of your pipes. One of the worst effects of relying on chemical drain cleaning is that it can wear down your pipes, leading to their early demise and an expensive replacement.
  • Chemical drain cleaners are toxic. Finally, chemical drain cleaners are toxic, and dangerous to keep around small children and pets.

A Natural Alternative at Home

One way to take care of smaller clogs near the opening of the drain is with a non-toxic solution already found in your home. Baking soda and vinegar is a combination you’ve likely heard of before—perhaps during a grade school science project involving a volcano—and it’s a surprisingly effective cleaner. Put about ¼ cup of baking soda into the drain, and follow it up with a couple of cups of vinegar.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services Work Best

By far, the most effective way to clean out clogs of any type is with the help of a professional plumber. If you could not clear it out with a plunger, it’s something that may require professional jetting, drain augers, or even Bio-Clean, a safe professional alternative to chemical drain cleaning.

Bio-Clean is made up of bacteria that actually eat away at organic materials in the pipe, without causing any damage. They naturally digest these materials, clearing away the pipes without the same level of toxicity as the chemicals commonly found on shelves. Professional plumbers have access to this type of solution.

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