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Serving the Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Communities


Serving the Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Communities


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What’s Up with Video Pipe Inspections?


Video pipe inspections may sound a little strange if you haven’t already had this service. Rest assured, we aren’t strapping a Go-Pro camera to a flexible pipe and shoving it down your kitchen sink drain.

Video pipe inspections are a service that our team offers to help us address some of the issues that may pop up in your plumbing systems. Maybe you have a drain blockage and aren’t sure whether it is in your drain or your sewer line. Or perhaps you have a leak or damage somewhere in your pipes but aren’t sure where the issue is. With video pipe inspection, our expert plumbers can get these problems identified, located, and addressed.

What is a Video Pipe Inspection?

When you have a problem with your Andover plumbing systems, you should get it addressed sooner than later. Video pipe inspections can make getting this done much easier.

A video pipe inspection involves a professional plumber coming to your home with a special piece of equipment, usually a high-resolution, water-proof and durable video camera, which is connected to a flexible scope, allowing it to maneuver around bends and curves in your plumbing.

Paired with a small LED-light, the scope is able to be inserted into your pipes and drains and used to hunt down whatever the problem is that you are dealing with as it provides your plumbing professional with a live feed of what is going on in the pipeline.

When Might a Video Pipe Inspection Be Helpful

So when would you contact a plumber to get a video inspection? There are several instances in which this service can be used, for everything from maintenance to repairs and even assessing whether a replacement is necessary. You can use a video pipe inspection to hunt down a clog; locate breaks, leaks, or wear and tear in your pipes; assess the condition of different plumbing lines; and more.

As you may expect, there are benefits to using video pipe inspection to help you get an issue taken care of. These include the following:

  • Saves you money. It is easy to imagine how much a video pipe inspection saves compared to digging up pipes or cutting holes throughout your home to try to find leaks.
  • Less stress. Video pipe inspections help you get your maintenance and repairs done faster with less labor required.
  • Faster fixes. Knowing where an issue is allows you to organize a repair for your plumbing problem that much faster.
  • Preventative measures. Video pipe inspection can actually help you identify troublesome issues that you can address before they worsen.

Contact Us for Video Pipe Inspection

So, are you having a plumbing problem that could use video pipe inspection to address or canvas? If so, make sure you reach out to a trained, professional plumber, like the ones on our team to get the job done. Trying to do it yourself or having an amateur attempt to tackle the task puts your plumbing at a much higher risk of retaining damage and worsening your issue.

Contact Air Mechanical, Inc. today to schedule your next plumbing service.

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