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Drain Clog Culprits

Monday, May 11th, 2020

Are you someone who enjoys doing dishes? Is it relaxing for you or is it something you do because it is an unavoidable necessity? Whether you like to wash dishes in your sink or not, you can probably agree that one thing that is vastly unhelpful to the entire process is a sink that is clogged.

If your kitchen sink isn’t draining properly, there are a few different potential culprits that can be at fault. We want to take a moment to go over what some of the causes of clogged drains might be and also discuss how you can avoid this situation or, if your sink is already backing up, give you options for how to solve the issue.

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5 Ways to Tell You Need Draining Cleaning Services

Monday, September 2nd, 2019

You know that feeling when you pull a wad of hair out of your shower drain? It isn’t a good one. If anything, it’s pretty disgusting. Well now, imagine just how much hair has slipped beyond your shower drain and down into your plumbing system. It’s probably more than you can picture!

You see, things like hair, grease, grime, and other particles can all make their way into your pipes, leading to clogs and all sorts of other issues! Therefore, it is important to invest in the services designed to keep your drain pipes clean and clear! To do that, all you’ve got to do is schedule annual drain cleaning services! There are plenty of signs that suggest your plumbing in Plymouth is in need of these services, and below, we’ve listed them for you. 

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Bio-Clean Treatment V.S. Draino

Saturday, October 21st, 2017
You’ve been there before: standing in the shower, up to your ankles in water, praying this isn’t what you think it is. Your drain’s clogged again and you really don’t want to deal with it.
Depending on how large and how hairy your family is, this can be a monthly issue. And it’s a pain to fix. Even if you manage to get ‘draino’ onto your shopping list, and even if you do manage to find the time to perform an exorcism on your drain, you’re going to be faced with the overwhelming guilt of pouring raw chemicals down the drain. And after the running around, the exorcism and the guilt storm, your only prize is going to be pulling up a disgusting shampoo covered hair creature out of your drain. This entire process could be avoided simply and cleanly with Bio-Clean Treatment. There are a couple key reasons why Bio-Clean tops chemical cleaners, like Draino, every time:
1.) Save Your Pipes
Chemical Cleaners, like Draino, may be corrosive and harmful to your plumbing. These chemicals are made to break up organic products, but in the process they also damage the pipes in your walls. Bio-Clean harnesses the natural power of bacteria to attack only organic materials, leaving your pipes unharmed. This can save you money in the long run because your plumbing will not be damaged by chemicals!
2.) Clean everywhere…even behind your ears!
The plumbing behind your walls is full of pipes twisting and turning. Rarely if ever do pipes head directly down. Chemical Cleaners must adhere to the laws of gravity, therefore they only get the gunk that is in the path of least resistance. Bio-Clean, however, goes wherever there is organic waste to be eaten up. This gives your pipes a fuller, deeper cleaning!
So, what’s it going to be? Another time of pulling up some chemical drenched hair terror out of your drain? Or are you going to go for the clean, efficient, non-nausea inducing solution: Bio-Clean Treatment.
Call Air Mechanical Today for more information!

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Beware These Signs of Sewer Line Trouble

Monday, September 4th, 2017

a sewer manhole cover in the sidewalk that is well worn and shinyIn our previous blog post, we talked about the 3 main reasons you’d want to hire a professional plumber. The reasons included the fact that they have the experience, proper licensing, and appropriate tools to handle any plumbing job you throw at them. One of the most common service calls we get is in regards to sewer line trouble—often indicated by multiple clogged drains in Blaine, MN.

Your sewer line is beneath the surface of your property, keeping it safe from damage, and wear and tear from inclement weather. Unfortunately, though, that sometimes means that when there is a problem, it can go undetected. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of common signs of a problem, and when you detect one, to contact a professional. These signs include:

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This Popular Cleaning Solution Can Ruin Your Drains

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Drainage-Draining-Sink-WaterWe’ve all been there at some point in time. You’re using the kitchen sink, when suddenly wastewater fills up the sink, and turning on the disposal doesn’t help. Or, you’re brushing your teeth in the bathroom sink, watching it fill up with water instead of draining the way it’s supposed to. Clogged drains can be frustrating, and if the problem is serious, you want a solution—fast.

Many homeowners turn to chemical drain cleaners to do the trick, hoping they will solve a problem with a slow drain faster. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. And even when it is, chemical drain cleaners can still ruin your drains. Learn more in the guide below, and find out what expert plumbers recommend as an alternative.

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