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Whole–Home Generator Services in the Twin Cities Metro and Surrounding Areas

Serving the Twin Cities Metro and Surrounding Areas

As any resident throughout the Twin Cities or a surrounding community can attest to, even a brief power outage in the middle of winter—or summer—is a major inconvenience. If it’s an extended loss, perhaps lasting for hours or even days, it can be detrimental to your comfort and even your health. This is particularly true if you have sensitive members in your household, such as babies, elderly individuals, or anyone who relies on electrical medical equipment.

To prepare your home for this type of disaster, be sure to consider a whole home generator installation. Contact Air Mechanical, Inc. today to learn about our generator installation services, and to learn about the various types, sizes, and brands on the market. We’re happy to help you select the ideal system to supply your electrical power needs. 

Benefits of a Whole Home Generator Installation

Consider all the ways that reliable electricity helps you get through the average day within your home. There are likely a number of ways in which you use electricity, but don’t even think about it. However, should the power go out for any length of time, you’ll quickly find out how much you rely on a steady flow of electricity.

A whole–home generator uses a back–up fuel source, typically gas, propane, or diesel, and delivers electrical power into your home if the power from the grid is cut off. You can choose the amount of power your home needs in order to function. For instance, perhaps you only need a few necessities—your fridge, a few lights, and your HVAC system (keep in mind that even gas powered HVAC systems need electrical components to start up). On the other hand, you might need electricity for more important reasons—medical equipment, perhaps.

You Can Count On Us for Professional Generator Installation

Generators are a bit different than the other appliances in your home, in that you hope you’ll never need to use it! However, it’s important to have assurance that, should the time come where you do need a generator to run, you’ll be able to just turn yours on and instantly supply the electrical voltage needed to run your home and keep its systems running.

The only way you’ll know that your generator is up to par, however, is to rely on professionals for installation or whole home generator replacement. Our skilled electricians will properly size the generator for your specific home. We’ll work with you to figure out what your power needs are during a blackout, and then help you find the model and size of generator needed to deliver the level of wattage necessary without overloading your system.

Our electricians will ensure that the installation of your generator is done in a way that it is correctly hooked up to your electrical system, and to its own power supply. It’s important to remember, too, that since many generators utilize natural gas, you should never attempt to work on one by yourself, due to the risk of carbon monoxide exposure among other dangers.