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Environmental Benefits of Geothermal Systems


Using green, sustainable energy is a concern that more and more people are considering. As energy costs continually rise and more focus is put on the state of the environment, you may find yourself wondering what you can do to heat your home more efficiently by using less energy. Air Mechanical suggests that you consider a geothermal heat pump system installation. These innovative systems greatly reduce the amount of energy you use when heating and cooling your home while offering many operational benefits over other styles of heat pumps.

How do Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems Work?

Geothermal heat pumps do not consume a fuel source to create energy. Instead they work on the principal of heat transfer. What this means is that rather than using gas, oil or other fuels to create heat geothermal systems absorb heat and transfer it to where it is needed. This process is obviously much more eco–friendly than burning fuels and the heat transfer process requires only a small amount of electricity.

A loop system, either open or closed, is installed on your property. In closed loop systems an antifreeze solution is circulated throughout the loop, absorbing energy. A heat exchanger in the geothermal heat pump transfers heat between this solution and the refrigerant in the heat pump. A great benefit of heat transfer is that it can easily be reversed. In the winter heat can be taken from the ground and transferred inside to warm your home. In the summer heat can be removed from your home, cooling it.

Open loop systems are usually the cheapest to install, but they require an adequate water supply for operation. In an open loop system water itself is used as the heat absorption fluid. When the circulation is complete the water is drained back into the ground.

Benefits Over Other Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps take the technology and environmental benefits of air–source heat pumps and make them even more efficient. In harsher climates air source heat pumps cannot function very efficiently and often can, at best, only supplement a more conventional heating and cooling system. Because geothermal heat pumps draw energy from the ground, though, where temperatures are much more constant, they work more efficiently and effectively in a wider array of environments. Geothermal heat pumps allow you to heat and cool your home using only a small amount of electricity to harness a totally green, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source. Call Air Mechanical today to have your property assessed for geothermal heat pump system installation.

Call us for Answers to All Your Geothermal System Questions

You may be able to take advantage of sustainable, environmentally friendly energy in your Andover, MN home. To discuss the geothermal heating and cooling options available to you, call Air Mechanical. We’ll help you make the best decisions for your home comfort systems. Let us inspect your property to decide how best to take advantage of geothermal technology to heat and cool your home.