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Professional Geothermal Heating and Cooling Maintenance


Let Air Mechanical help keep your geothermal heating and cooling system working efficiently and effectively in Andover, MN. Our team of geothermal heating and cooling system experts are available to provide you with the high quality geothermal maintenance service you need to ensure the best performance from your geothermal system. Don’t let your geothermal heat pumps pay the price for neglecting service. Call Air Mechanical today to make sure that every component is in prime working condition.

The Importance of High Quality Geothermal Maintenance

Generally speaking heat pumps are less likely than other heating and cooling systems to require repair service. They have fewer moving parts, which is beneficial. However, regular maintenance is still necessary to ensure that your geothermal system is not only operating but that it is operating at the highest possible level of efficiency.

The whole point of having a geothermal system installed is to reduce energy consumption and potentially pay less to heat and cool your home as a result. If you do not keep up with geothermal system maintenance from a trusted service provider such as Air Mechanical you are not taking full advantage of your heat pump. Call today to schedule a maintenance appointment if you have not had one performed in the past year.

Maintenance as a Preventive Measure

In addition to keeping your geothermal system running smoothly, regular maintenance allows the trained professionals at Air Mechanical the chance to spot any small, developing problems while they are still small and developing. When these issues are discovered during routine maintenance they can be repaired immediately. Otherwise they will be given the time to develop into more complex problems requiring more complex — and, likely — more expensive repairs. Let Air Mechanical inspect your system today. After all, most problems are not immediately noticeable. Just because your geothermal heat pump has not broken down does not mean that it is in optimal working condition. Don’t let small problems that could have been easily repaired cause serious damage to your geothermal system. Call for professional maintenance in Andover, MN today.

Call us for Geothermal Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Any heating and cooling specialist will tell you that the best thing you can do to prevent damage and the need for repairs to your home comfort systems is to schedule regular maintenance service. It is the only way to ensure that you are getting the level of efficiency you expect and to know that every component of your geothermal system, from heat exchanger to duct registers, is working as it should be. If you live in the Andover, MN are, call Air Mechanical today to learn more about the maintenance service we provide. Our high quality service will put your mind at ease and make your home more comfortable by keeping your geothermal system in the best possible working condition.