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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Repair


Modern geothermal technology is a great option for efficient home heating and cooling. However, even the most well designed and meticulously maintained systems sometimes require professional repair service. If you live in Andover, MN and are having any problems with your geothermal heat pumps, call Air Mechanical right away. The sooner you have any issues or damages with your geothermal heating and cooling system repaired the better. Our team of professional geothermal technicians is available to repair whatever problems you’re having with your geothermal system, so call the minute you notice the issue for fast, efficient service from the geothermal experts at Air Mechanical.

Signs That Your Geothermal System is in Need of Repair

While problems with your geothermal heating and cooling system may not always make themselves known immediately there are plenty of warning signs to keep an eye out for. If you notice any of these red flags you should have your geothermal system inspected by the professionals at Air Mechanical immediately. We’ll examine every component of your system, diagnose the problem and resolve it before extraneous damage to your system can be done. Call for professional help immediately if you observe any of the following warning signs indicating a need for repair.

  • Inconsistent heating and cooling
  • The development of warm or cold spots
  • Frequent short cycling
  • Reduced heating and cooling power or performance
  • Strange noises or odors coming from your system
  • Unexplained increases in the cost of operating your heat pump

Air Mechanical has years of experience dealing with geothermal heat pump installation, maintenance and repair service, and that experience has left us more than qualified to repair your system. We approach every geothermal heating and cooling system repair job with the same level of professionalism and devotion to quality that we bring to every service we provide. Make Air Mechanical your choice for geothermal system repair in your Andover home.

Why Quality Repair Matters

There are a number of components that work together to keep your geothermal system operating properly. If even one of those components is not pulling its weight then entire system suffers as a result. If some part of your geothermal system breaks and the repair made is not complete or incorrectly performed your system may still run but it is at risk for further damage. Small problems and compromises in integrity can manifest themselves as serious issues when placed under the strain of operation, so it is important that all repairs are performed completely, efficiently and professionally. Don’t let poor repair service put your geothermal heating and cooling system at even greater risk. Call Air Mechanical to receive the level of quality, customer service and workmanship that you and your geothermal system deserve. Let us help keep you comfortable year round in your Andover, MN home.