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Energy Recovery Ventilator System Installation and Service

Good ventilation is important for the comfort of your home as well as the quality of the air within your home. However, ventilation can also easily lead to energy loss. At Air Mechanical we don’t think that you should have to sacrifice one for the other. If you’re interested in ways to better ventilate your home without suffering the effects of related energy loss call today for information about energy recovery ventilation systems. These systems work to ventilate your home while minimizing energy loss at the same time.

How Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems Work

There are two main types of energy recovery systems. Both can reduce the costs of heating ventilated air by transferring the heat in indoor air to the fresh, cold supply air. When it is hot out the supply air is warm, but the indoor air being ventilated cools it. This cuts down on the work your home heating and cooling systems must do to keep the air in your home comfortable.

The two types of energy recovery systems are heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators. Energy recovery ventilators use a heat exchanger and fans to recover energy that would otherwise be lost in the ventilation process. Usually these systems are whole–house ventilators and can either have their own ductwork or share existing ductwork with your heating and cooling system. Energy recovery ventilators transfer an amount of water along with the heat, which can help to control humidity. In the winter the supply air will be cold and usually dry, so energy recovery ventilators can impart humidity to it and help keep the humidity of the house constant, which also reduces the risk of freezing in the heat exchanger. In the summer humidity can be removed from the incoming air and put into the drier air being vented.

Energy recovery ventilation systems are able to save about 70%–80% of the energy in the air being vented by transferring it to the supply air. It’s easy to imagine the potential financial savings that accompany this energy conservation.

ERV Installation by Air Mechanical

Like any other HVAC system, a quality installation and regular, professional maintenance are necessary to keep your energy recovery ventilator (ERV) operating properly and efficiently. Sharing ductwork with your heating and cooling system can cut down on installation costs. Keeping the installation simple and not expecting to recover every bit of energy is important to an affordable installation as well. These installations are not very common at this time, so it is important that you find a contractor with the training and knowledge to perform a reliable, effective installation. Call Air Mechanical for the level of quality you want in your ERV installation. We take pride in the work we do and in the satisfaction a job well done gives us and our customers. Start saving energy — and money — in your home with an energy recovery ventilation system installation by Air Mechanical, and continue to do so by taking advantage of our professional ERV maintenance service. Call today to get started.