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Heat Recovery Ventilator Service

A well ventilated house maintains fresher, more comfortable air than one that is all sealed up. While good ventilation is integral to indoor air quality, it can also lead to heating and cooling energy loss. If you’re looking for an effective way to better ventilate your home without sacrificing a portion of the energy you’ve paid for you may want to consider the installation of an HRV (heat recovery ventilator). For residents in the Andover, MN area, the company to call for more information about the installation process and operation of HRVs is Air Mechanical. We have all the training and knowledge necessary to help you efficiently ventilate your home without suffering with avoidable energy loss. Call us today for more information.

What Does a Heat Recovery Ventilator Do?

Heat recovery ventilators make it possible to ventilate your home while at the same time working to minimize the energy loss that often accompanies ventilation. Proper ventilation helps keep the quality of air and the comfort in your home at high levels. However, inefficiencies related to ventilation can wind up costing you more money to heat and cool your home. A heat recovery ventilator allows your home to be efficiently ventilated by reducing energy loss during the ventilation process.

How Do Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Work?

A heat recovery ventilator operates by using a heat exchanger and fans to transfer heat. Most heat ventilation systems are whole–house ventilators, and they can either have their own ductwork system installed or share ductwork with existing systems. The latter option makes for an easier installation.

During the summer, a heat recovery ventilator will remove the heat from the air supply and send it out with the air being vented. In the winter, conversely, heat will be transferred from the air being vented to the supply air which will be cold. It is estimated that a properly installed and well maintained heat recovery ventilation system can recover 70%–80% of heat that would otherwise be lost in the ventilation process.

Heat Recovery Ventilator Installation and Maintenance

These ventilation systems are not very widespread as of yet, and the installation can be costly. Sharing existing ductwork can help reduce the installation cost, but it is important that you find a professional HVAC service provider to ensure that your installation is done correctly. In Andover, MN, that means you should call air mechanical. HRV systems may not be an everyday installation item, but our service technicians have the training and knowledge to make sure that your system is properly installed for maximum heat recovery performance. Call us today to learn more about these innovative, energy and money saving systems.