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Whole–Home Humidifiers

If you are thinking of installing a home humidifier, call Air Mechanical to learn more about the full line of Andover humidifiers and installation services we offer. When selecting a humidifier, you want to make sure you don’t cause problems by having too much moisture, which can lead to mold growth and indoor air quality issues. Customers who are in the market for a new humidifier will have many options, so it’s best to call a Andover Air Mechanical indoor air quality expert and ask for advice. Call us any time to learn more about the quality humidifiers we offer.

Selecting a Humidifier for your Home

While there are many humidifier models available today, there are really two basic types of humidifiers. Steam humidifiers work by evaporating water that is distributed throughout the room or home. You can also choose to install an ultrasonic humidifier that uses a misting process and is generally considered safer because there’s no boiling water involved. In addition to choosing the right type for your home and budget, you will also need to determine if you want a whole home humidifier or a room humidifier.

For room humidifiers, choosing the right size for the room is also important. Before you start comparing models, remember to measure the room. Just like with an HVAC system, oversized humidifiers can cause moisture problems and promote mold growth. You’ll also need to consider the moisture output and the size of the water tank. Feel free to call us to ask about our fine line of Andover humidifiers and services. We can answer all your questions and help you choose the best one for your needs.

Moisture Control in your Home

In hot, arid climates, the air inside the home tends to be dry as well, and when the air in your Andover home becomes too dry, it can cause a number of problems. Health problem, such as dry skin and sinuses, are the most obvious reasons to install a Andover humidifier; however, dry air inside the home can also cause damage to the home since the dry air will pull all the moisture from wood floors and furniture. Typically, whole–home humidifiers are installed to prevent this problem. Humidifiers also have the added benefit of saving energy because proper moisture control helps to maintain comfortable energy within the home. Call Air Mechanical any time to learn more about moisture control and humidification.

Humidifier Maintenance

When you are choosing the best humidifier for your needs, look for certain features that will help you maintain your Andover humidifier. Water tanks, filters, and fan settings are all features that you should consider because they will determine how easily your new humidifier will be to maintain. It’s also good to check any other features that might make maintenance or filter replacement more convenient.

Whether you want a whole home humidifier or a room humidifier, call the indoor air quality professionals at Air Mechanical. We offer top quality products and services, and we can provide you with information on all the different options. Call us any time for all of your Andover humidifier needs.