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Gas Pipe Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Air Mechanical can provide your Andover, MN home with a range of commercial gas pipe services. We are happy to advise you about installing a new gas pipe system for new construction, or we can re–pipe gas systems for retrofitting jobs. We install and maintain gas lines for heating systems, water heaters, and other commercial gas applications. Our certified technicians will review the technical details and requirements for any appliance to ensure that it’s installed safely and exactly to specifications. No commercial job is too large or too small.

After we’ve finished the installation, we will inspect the rest of your gas delivery system for leaks and potential problems. We will perform pressure tests to make sure that the new installation has not affected the operation of other appliances. For the ultimate in safety and quality, call Air Mechanical today for all your gas piping needs.

New Construction Gas Piping

Installing the gas pipes for your new structure requires the work of a professional plumber who is qualified to work with all types of gas piping. Our gas pipe specialists are highly trained and skilled, and our staff members can help you choose the best new gas pipes to install for your construction project. You will have several types of gas pipes to choose from, so you want to speak with a professional plumbing contractor to help you make the right decision. We are always happy to answer any questions you have or to schedule a consultation. Give Air Mechanical a call any time to learn more about our gas piping selection and installation services.

Gas Water Heater Piping and Re–Piping

We install gas pipes for hot water systems that run on natural gas, which can reduce energy costs and save you money. With good routine maintenance your water heater will last for years. If you have an older unit, you may want to consider upgrading to a more energy efficient model. It’s better for the environment and could reduce your energy bills. We can help you choose the best new gas water heater for your home.

Gas water heaters must be connected to your gas supply. All those connections must be done according to local safety codes and manufacturer’s specifications. Gas water heaters must also be correctly installed to ensure adequate supply of oxygen for the burners and ventilation for carbon monoxide and other combustion gases. At Air Mechanical, our gas piping and re–piping technicians have the tools and resources to efficiently handle all the gas pipe services for any model of gas water heater.

Gas Pipe and Re–piping Experts

The gas piping and re–piping experts at Air Mechanical can install any type of gas piping system in Andover. We are happy to help you choose the best gas piping for your new building, and we can take over the routine maintenance of your gas pipes, even if we didn’t install them. Call Air Mechanical today for all your gas pipe and re–piping services.