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Andover Reduce Pressure Zone Valve

In today’s energy and cost conscious environment, homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their impact on the earth and save money. One simple upgrade to your water system can impact both significantly. It’s called a reduce pressure valve and it can significantly reduce the amount of water you draw from the main water supply, therefore cutting your expenses many times over.

Air Mechanical Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provides installs and services reduce pressure valves for homeowners throughout the Andover area. If you’re interested in learning how these simple devices can save you a tremendous amount of money, call and talk to one of our skilled technicians today.

Reducing Home Water Pressure

To understand what reduce pressure valves do, you must first understand how a water system works. The main water supply is pressurized at up to 200psi to ensure fire hydrants and high rise buildings have enough pressure. But, that means your home likely gets entirely too much water pressure, anywhere from 80psi to 150psi. That supply itself will offer as much pressure as your plumbing can handle.

However, the more water pressure that comes into your home, the more water you waste. For example, with 150psi, you waste about 50% of all the water that comes through your faucets, simply because the pressure is too high. Not only is there an environmental impact due to the waste; but your water costs will obviously be higher too. You can cut your water costs by as much as a third simply by reducing the water pressure of the main supply.

How a Reduce Pressure Zone Valve Works

When you have a reduce pressure zone (RPZ) valve installed in your water supply, we will place the device directly after the incoming water meter to your home. This device automatically reduces how much water is drawn into your home. The valve does this by constricting the incoming water supply with a diaphragm and spring that standardize the water pressure. Because incoming water pressure can sometimes be variable, this is an important in ensuring you have a steady pressure rate.

If your incoming water pressure is extremely high – anything 200psi or higher – a two–stage system is recommended to lower the pressure of your water. This will reduce strain on either valve and ensure there is no damage to your pipes.

When you call us about an RPZ valve for your water supply, we will inspect your current water supply to determine if you need a single or two stage system and how much modulation is needed. Proper measurement is a necessity to avoid damage to any part of your water system.

Reduced Pressure Zone Valve Testing

We recommend testing your system to be sure the reduced pressure zone valve is working properly. On residential irrigation systems it is recommended that RPZ valve testing be done every five years. For commercial installations we recommend they be tested every year and consider having them rebuilt every five years to ensure proper functioning.

Pressure Regulator Valve Service

When it comes to home plumbing service, you want only the best for your home. You need someone who can quickly and efficiently install money saving devices without putting any of your fixtures at risk. If you’re tired of wasting so much water or you simply want to learn how much money you could save with a pressure reducing valve, call the Andover area water pressure experts at Air Mechanical today.