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Air Conditioning Installation Service


It doesn’t matter how well sized or how powerful your new air conditioner is: if it is not properly installed you will never get an optimal performance from it. That’s why it is so important that your air conditioning installation service is provided by an experienced, dependable and professional air conditioning service company. For those of you in the Andover, MN area, that company is Air Mechanical. Call us today to learn about the high quality air conditioning services we offer, including our expertly handled installation service.

Why Proper Installation Matters

When dealing with a whole–house air conditioning system there is a lot more to consider than when putting in a couple of window units. Is your air conditioning system going to be using ductwork to distribute conditioned air? If so those ducts must be properly sized and professionally designed for optimal air flow. Correct air pressure must be calculated and provided, and the ducts must be properly sealed, connected and insulated to minimize potential energy loss associated with poorly designed and installed ductwork.

Sizing Your Air Conditioner

It is also important that you purchase an appropriately sized air conditioner for installation in your home. Many people do not realize that an oversized air conditioner can be just as inefficient as an undersized one. An undersized air conditioner will work too hard to achieve a cooling capacity that it is simply not capable of. With the installation of an oversized air conditioner you will be cooling your home too rapidly, resulting in cool but clammy, poorly dehumidified air and you system will short cycle frequently. This leads to excessive need for maintenance and a much higher likelihood that repair service will be necessary.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner Installation

Modern air conditioners are able to give you the cooling power you need teamed with the energy efficiency you want. When you’re looking for a new air conditioner for installation in your Andover, MN home, consider the energy efficiency rating it has earned. Even standard cooling options such as central forced air systems have made great improvements in the energy efficiency with which they operate. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, ask the home cooling experts at Air Mechanical about sustainable home cooling options such as geothermal heat pumps. Rather than consume a fuel such as electricity or gas to cool air, geothermal heat pumps transfer warm air out of your home. These innovative devices not only help keep you comfortable but can also potentially save you money in decreased cooling costs while doing so. Call Air Mechanical to learn more.

Let Air Mechanical Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable

The technicians at Air Mechanical are highly skilled and extensively trained. We can find the right air conditioner for installation in your home. Did you know that we can also provide assistance with other HVAC related needs? For example, we’re the trusted contractor for AC repair in Andover, and our technicians will work hard to solve your problem fast. We also offer AC replacement services, ductless HVAC, and much more. To learn more about why we’re a preferred AC contractor in Andover, just give us a call. Better yet, ask someone who has worked with us in the past!