Heating Maintenance and Repair in the Blaine, MN and Surrounding Areas

Serving the Twin Cities Metro and Surrounding Areas

How can you keep your heater operating for as many years as possible? In order to keep your ductless mini splits, heat pumps, radiant heating, forced air or any other heating system operating efficiently and effectively, regular maintenance is necessary. For those of you in the Twin Cities Metro and surrounding areas, that means you should call Air Mechanical, Inc. today.

Our team of professional heating maintenance experts will ensure that your heating system is running smoothly and will perform any necessary services to keep it doing so. Maintenance ensures that your system is comprehensively cleaned, parts are adjusted as needed, and our technicians alert you to any small repair needs that may turn into bigger emergencies later on if not well-managed.

Your heater should last “For the life of your home.” It will, when you contact Air Mechanical, Inc. for your professional heating maintenance and repair services.

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When to Schedule Professional Heating Maintenance

If you have not had your heating system professionally maintained in the past year, now is the time. Don’t wait for a problem to manifest before having your heating system serviced. Each year, before winter comes and demand on the system is high, have a professional come and assess the condition of your heating system. That way, if there is an issue, your heating service will not be interrupted during the time when you need it most.

Regular maintenance annually (or biannually, if you have a year-round heat pump system) will help keep your system operating as it should. It helps the heater perform more efficiently, subsequently saving you money, and it helps prevent small repair needs from becoming bigger emergencies later on. That doesn’t mean you’ll never have to call for a heater repair, but maintenance can prevent about 85% of those repair needs!

Do You Need Heating Repairs?

Most homeowners are not HVAC experts! It can be difficult to determine when you should call a professional for repair service. The risk to your home heating system and you comfort grows the longer you ignore a problem, though, so it is often better to be safe than sorry.

Take a few moment to acclimate yourself with your Andover, MN home heating system and pay attention to what its performance is telling you. This will better prepare you to make the decision to call for professional heating repair service when necessary. Here are some warning signs your home heating system may exhibit that could be indicators that repair service is necessary.

  • Inconsistent Heating: If your home heating system is not providing the consistent, uninterrupted heating it once did, call a professional for an inspection. It is likely that some component of your heater is responsible for the lackluster performance and a quick repair could mean increased efficiency.
  • Cold Spots: If your heater is running as usual but certain spots of your home are cold or insufficiently heated there may be a problem with the way that your system is distributing air or a thermostat may be registering temperatures incorrectly. Either way, the only way to rectify the situation is with professional heating repair service. Call our team to get your whole home comfortably heated today.
  • Strange Noises or Smells: These are easier to ignore than heating insufficiencies, but they can be indicative of just as serious a problem. Any noises or smells that are unusual to your heating system should be assessed by a professional as soon as possible.

To ensure comfort and safety, only trust a professional when it comes to your home heating service needs. Let us focus on your heater so you can focus on your family.


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