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Do you find yourself standing in a pool of cold water at the end of every shower? Is your indoor air stuffy and stale? Are you concerned about high energy bills during the summer and winter months? Whatever the issue may be with your plumbing and HVAC in Columbus, MN, you can rely on our team for an elegant solution. We take pride in our ability to troubleshoot problems with drains, water heaters, and fixtures, as well as air conditioners, heaters, and indoor air quality products such as dehumidifiers. You can also rely on us for geothermal installation, electrical services and repair services throughout the Columbus, MN area. Get in touch today for reliable plumbing, heating and air conditioning service at a great price!

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Your Trusted Columbus, MN PLumbers

With so much going on around the home, it’s easy to lose sight of the house’s infrastructure. When was the last time you had your drains cleaned? How old is your water heater? Is it time to upgrade to low-flow fixtures to save water (and money) throughout the year? There are various reasons to call a plumber, but they all come down to one thing: your comfort and convenience. Whether you’re looking to install a new bathroom sink or you need your entire home repiped, we can assist you.

Choose the Right Water Heater

What does it mean to say the “right water heater”? You certainly have your options, but yours will need to be appropriately sized for your household and your hot water requirements. An overly large or small system will be inefficient and lack the performance that you want from a brand new piece of equipment. It’s best to confer with a professional about your water heater installation. We’re here for you.

air conditioning in Columbus, MN

If you’re still messing around with portable window AC units in your Columbus, MN home, then you may want to consider upgrading before spring and summer. One of the main reasons to do so is convenience. Portable units can be problematic when it comes to security, of course, but they can also be a pain to put in and out of the window every year. Another reason is energy efficiency and overall comfort. With a zoned cooling system, you’ll be able to control the temperature of every room, and that can save you serious money. We provide new air conditioning installations, and we’re also available for repair and maintenance as well.

AC Repair

Loud noises, frozen coils, uneven cooling (hot spots), broken controls, malfunctioning capacitor: there are plenty of things that can go wrong with your AC. While preventive maintenance is incredibly important to make certain that your system is in good operating condition, sometimes you’re going to need to call for air conditioning repair in Columbus, MN. When you do, call us. We’ll do it right.

Columbus heating Services

Everyone in Columbus, MN knows how important it is to have not only a powerful heating system, but also an efficient one. Comfort comes at a price, after all, and you’ll want to make sure that your furnace, boiler, or heat pump is as efficient as possible to cut costs all winter. If your existing heater is no longer getting the job done, then it may time to move on. We can assess the status of your current equipment and help you make a financially sound decision when it comes to investing in the future of your HVAC system. Contact our HVAC contractors today.

Furnace Services

If you have access to natural gas, then you may want to take advantage of this type of furnace’s energy efficiency. But even if you don’t have natural gas, then you may still want to consider an electric furnace. Let us make sure that yours (whichever model you select) matches your heating needs and budget. We specialize in both new furnace installations as well as repair and maintenance.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Geothermal heat pumps are a step above most conventional HVAC systems. They allow you to heat and cool your home with very little energy, because they utilize an underground “earth loop” for thermal transfer rather than the outdoor air. If you’re already enjoying what this system has to offer, then you may eventually find that your system needs a bit of routine maintenance, or even repair. Not only do we install new geothermal systems, but our heating and cooling contractors can also fix or service yours in Columbus, MN.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

The development of modern residential heating and air conditioning systems required a well-insulated home that would control the flow of thermal energy from areas of hot to cold. However, while you keep your doors and windows shut against the heat or the cold, that can leave much to be desired in terms of your indoor air quality. You may eventually find that your indoor air is too dry or too damp, or that it’s filled with dust, dander, bacteria, and other contaminants and pollutants. We offer a variety of different whole-house solutions that can integrate directly into your HVAC system, including dehumidifiers, humidifiers, UV air purifiers, and air filtration systems. Call now to schedule service with Air Mechanical, Inc.

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