Electrical Services in Minneapolis


If you want a comfortable home, then it’s essential that you have a quality electrical system in place. Without one, you could be stuck without power, sacrificing many things you’ve taken for granted such as the use of your heater right in the middle of winter, your important appliances like the refrigerator and oven, and of course your computers and TVs.

Whether you need an electrical repair or want to schedule electrical maintenance, the expertly trained electricians at Air Mechanical, Inc. are ready to identify and resolve any electrical issues that may exist in your home, in a professional manner. Contact us today for quality electrical services in Minneapolis!

When trouble strikes your home’s electrical systems, don’t take chances. Play it safe and reach out to our expert HVAC electricians to diagnose and resolve your issues as quickly and effectively as possible. We’re also your complete source for any maintenance your systems may need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about everything we can do for you and your home.

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Residential Electrical Services

The first thing you should know when it comes to electrical work is that jobs of this nature require professional training, such as the training our professional electricians receive on an ongoing basis. It’s vital to work with experienced electrical contractors as we will understand the steps that need to be taken to properly and safely service your electrical system. That being said, the electrical products and services we provide include:

Professional electricians

It’s probably not something you give a whole lot of thought too very often, but routine electrical inspections are very important. Faulty wiring can cause fires which lead to property damage and injury. Even aside from potential fire damage though, a malfunctioning electrical system can hurt your electronic devices and appliances that are plugged in.

During an electrical maintenance appointment, our professionals will check for old, outdate electrical panel boxes, tripped breakers and fuses, and anything else electrical that may be cause for concern. While we provide surge protection to ensure that you are protected in the case of a surge or a power outage, it doesn’t mean that you should let your electrical system go unobserved.

We’ll do everything in our power to ensure that your home’s electrical system is safe and functional—so look no further than our team when seeking home electrical services! 

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