Our Response to Covid-19

March 18th, 2020

Dear Valued Air Mechanical Customers,

Given the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we want to assure you that Air Mechanical’s greatest priority is the health and safety of our customers, employees and communities. We have been monitoring the situation closely and are actively taking precautionary safety measures to ensure the greatest level of safety possible.

Governor Walz Essential Business Executive Order:

Our skilled trades people have been named Essential and are vital in maintaining the health, safety, efficiency and comfort of homes during the Stay-At-Home Order.

Section 6 of the Emergency Executive Order 20-20 by Governor Tim Walz on March 24, 2020: Subsection X: “Construction and critical trades. This category includes workers in the skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC and elevator technicians and other related construction of all kind.” March 25th, 2020

During this unprecedented outbreak, we will continue to proudly serve your Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are taking lead from the WHO and CDC and from the Minnesota Department of Health.

We are taking the following steps to immediately protect our company and our customers:

AMI Work at Home and In-Office Guidelines:

  • AMI Tech Support Team verified security of software systems and networks to allow secure work from home.
  • AMI Buildings Secured against any entry of non-authorized persons. 
  • All Customer Care Representatives and 90% of in-building support team are working from home on AMI provided computers and secured software.
  •  ALL Field Staff to stay outside of AMI Buildings and observe Stay At Home order when not working.  If an item is needed during business hours, technician to call supervisor or warehouse and item will be placed outside in pre-determined, secure location for you. 
  • Any and all staff members to report health status to AMI President &/or Supervisor each Monday morning and are directed to report any self-quarantine requirements of themselves or family immediately.
  • ALL meetings, large and small, are through virtual meetings only or with remaining in-office staff, to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • AMI In-Office staff observing disinfection, bathroom assignments, kitchen disinfection, limited access between buildings and other protocols to keep each other safe.

AMI Essential Business Guidelines for Field Staff following CDC Guidelines:

  • AMI Field Staff reviewed all CDC guidelines and proper techniques for limiting interaction for our customers and for themselves.
  • AMI Field Staff practicing Social Distancing with fellow staff, customers and others.
  • AMI Field Staff to carry Essential Business Protocols and Identification.
  • AMI Field Staff to report health status to AMI President each Monday morning and are directed to report any self-quarantine requirements of themselves or family immediately.
  • AMI Field Staff actively supplied with sanitation stations, gloves, boots and sprays to sanitize their person, tools, customer homes, vehicles.

For YOUR Safety and Ours – AMI Restricted Customer Contact Policy during Covid 19:

  • At-Home Customer Care Specialist will schedule your call and do any of the pre-work necessary to limit contact with our technician coming to your home. 
  • Customer Care will contact you when our technician* is on their way to your home.
  • When the technician arrives, he will first visibly wash his hands and put on protective gear before he approaches your home.  He will ring doorbell and then back away to a distance of 6 feet.  He can answer all of your initial questions and receive instruction from you from this distance while still outside.
  • At this point, we ask that you direct him verbally to mechanical room and move yourself and family member and pets to another room or to a distance of 6 feet. 
  • Technician is provided single use booties for shoes and gloves and hand sanitizer for your and their protection. 
  • Any item the technician removes from the mechanical room (air filter, water filter, replaced parts, etc.) will be placed in a sealed bag for your safety and theirs.
  • We have instructed our Customer Care team and Technicians how to complete the payment of the transaction contact-free for your safety and theirs.  Customer should not have to touch a pen, paper or tablet.

*(Technician is defined as anyone authorized by AMI to repair or prepare an estimate for replacement of mechanical system equipment in your home.)

We appreciate your business and understanding,

Thank you,

Air Mechanical Team of Excellence

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Are You Ready For a Heater Upgrade?

January 17th, 2022

Your heater won’t last forever, that’s just a fact of life. The question is when do you need to upgrade that heater?

Handling your heating in Lino Lakes, MN can be tough but that’s what professional assistance is for. The experts on our team can help you every step of the way when you need to find a new system for your home.

But let’s start with the basics first. These are the warning signs that you will want to be on the alert for which will tell you it is time to reach out for a heater replacement.

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Have a Hissing Furnace? Here’s What You Should Know

January 3rd, 2022

There are some noises that your furnace will make that are normal. These can include a small amount of clicking and the whoosh of warm air being blown throughout the home. But what if that whoosh has a different undertone to it today? Something like a hiss? Don’t mistake this for a normal noise, hissing is a problem.

If you have a furnace that has started to hiss, it means that you are better off reaching out to a professional for a furnace repair in Lino Lakes, MN. There is more than one possible cause for this sound and none of them are good. Schedule repairs today to combat these furnace problems.

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Check Your Detectors To Keep Your Home Safe

December 20th, 2021
Common plastic white home smoke detector alarm, preventing an abnormal smoke in the room from perhaps a fire with a sound very loud. In the image, there is a big fire in the room and there is smoke that rises to the ceiling where is placed the equipement. This one is mounted on wooden ceiling. For example in France country, those smoke detector are required since march 2015. On the sensor is written that we should not paint it, and direction to open or close it, there is the test button because we need to check it regularly, and a red led indicating that the battery inside is always good.

It is a time of year that involves a lot of lights, lots of time spent with loved ones, extra food being made, and added use of your heating system. This is great for those of us that love all the activities and opportunities to celebrate. However, it can also increase the risks of trouble.

What if something in the oven starts to burn? What if your gas-powered furnace develops a gas leak? What if you have a string of lights that is overheating and may cause a fire risk? These are all concerns but they shouldn’t catch you by surprise as long as your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working right.

This blog post isn’t here to scare you but rather to make sure that the systems that are in your home to help protect you are equipped to do their job right. Let’s jump in.

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Check your Electrical System Before Plugging In the Holiday Lights

December 6th, 2021

Are you ready to decorate? If you haven’t hung up the tinsel and holiday lights, now is a great time to do it. But wait! Not to delay you further but before you plug anything in you need to take your electrical system into consideration. You may be ready to get festive but your electrical system might not!

Take a minute to think over how your electrical system fared last year. Did you encounter flickering lights or easily tripped circuits? Or perhaps you had to make sure to only turn on the lights after certain appliances were off to avoid a major issue. These are probable signs that you need an electrician in Maple Grove, MN to help you get your system into better shape before lighting up your driveway.

Here’s why it may pay off to have an electrician check your electrical system this season.

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4 Habits Your Plumbing Will Thank You For

November 22nd, 2021

There is plenty to be thankful for in your home, from the roof over your head that keeps you dry to the central HVAC system that keeps you comfortable. But make sure to remember to keep your plumbing system on that list too! Your plumbing system works hard all year long to keep your home functional.

For a system that works so hard, it is surprising how often the modern plumbing system falls to the wayside in terms of getting necessary upkeep. Let’s break that pattern today!

Your plumbing system works hard to help you so let’s find a way to say, “Thank You.” No, you don’t need a card for this one, but you do need to remember these tips.

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5 Signs You Need Heater Repairs

November 8th, 2021

It is frustrating to realize that you are paying good money to heat up your home but not getting the comfort you expect. Perhaps your heater is running intermittently or maybe your system never seems to stop running. These are just some of the potential warning signs that your heater may be in trouble.

It is important to be aware of the signs that something is amiss with your heater. This system is going to be incredibly important in the coming months. If you need to schedule a heater repair in Brooklyn Park, the sooner you get it done, the better off you’ll be. Let’s review some of the other warning signs you need to know.

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3 Spooky Issues a Heater Can Have

October 25th, 2021

It is an unpleasant realization to discover that somethings wrong with your heater. If your heater breaks down, it means that you may be looking at days or even weeks dealing with a cold home. You shouldn’t have to battle with this though. We are here to help with your heating system whenever it acts up.

It pays to keep tabs on your heater, especially if it develops a repair need. Knowing what the signs of a problem are with your heating in Blaine, MN can go a long way in keeping things comfortable. This is because you can hop on getting those repairs knocked out before your system completely stops working.

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Make Sure to Jump On Those Heat Pump Repairs

October 11th, 2021

Heat pumps are known for being great options for your home comfort. This only applies if your system is being kept in the best shape possible. There are certain things you can do to help ensure your heat pump doesn’t hit too many bumps in the road, such as changing the filter regularly. However, even things like this aren’t going to prevent every AC repair in Plymouth, MN.

If your heat pump starts to struggle with a repair need, it is going to make things uncomfortable in your home pretty quickly. That’s why we encourage everyone to jump on those repairs and get them taken care of promptly. Here are some warning signs to watch out for that will tell you when something is going wrong with your heat pump.

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Don’t Ignore End-of-Summer Repairs

September 27th, 2021

During the summer months, your air conditioning system runs almost constantly. While most systems are designed to withstand this type of constant use, repairs and maintenance may be necessary by the end of the season.

It’s best to address the common issues with your HVAC in Maple Grove, MN now, rather than putting them off until next year. Some of the end-of-summer repairs and maintenance your system may need can be found here.

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A Whistling Water Heater is a Problem

September 13th, 2021

There seems to be something going on with your water heater…it sounds like a tea kettle. Don’t worry it isn’t going to implode. However, that noise is still a cause for some concern. Hearing whistling, also known as kettling, from your water heater is due to a problem in this vital home system.

A whistling water heater is usually due to a specific issue in your system–the build-up of sediment inside it creating problems with the heating process. While a little dirt doesn’t seem like it can hurt things, that sedimentary layer can cause noises, hinder heating, and lead to an early replacement. This noise shouldn’t be ignored.

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