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Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Fire Safety in the Kitchen

According to the National Fire Protection Association cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires and home injuries. That is why it is so important to ensure that your CO detectors and smoke detectors are up to date, placed according to code, and tested regularly.   The placement of CO Detectors can also be ...

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Who is MERV?

Changing our filters has become a part of daily life when owning a home. There are many questions about which filters to use or when to change them for different furnace systems. To answer all these important questions, we must know what MERV stands for, this is Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. MERV reports a filter’s ...

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Humidification in the Winter

As the Holiday season dies down, and the winter cold takes hold in February, having your home’s humidity at the optimal level can make all the difference for you and your family. Dry air can cause problems for not only your home but your health. Health problems caused by low humidity can be everything from ...

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When Water Quality becomes a Concern

In the land of 10,000 lakes, it’s ironic that water quality is sometimes back of mind for Minnesotans, but it is becoming an issue that affects many in our state. Do you have brown or discolored water, rust signs, white particles floating, a metallic taste, or low water pressure? If so, it may be time ...

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Duct Cleaning for your New Home

    Has your home just been built? Or perhaps your home has been built but recently renovated before you moved in? New homes are one of the best candidates for a thorough duct cleaning as the duct systems are often installed before the insulation, drywall, or other dust and dirt-generating construction.   Keep in ...

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The Great Debate: Repair or Replace & Your Wallet

Minnesota Winters are some of the coldest Winters around. During this time a furnace is one of the most important mechanical systems in the home. Making sure that this is efficiently operating, and cost effective is imperative for the comfort of your home.   One of the biggest questions you may face if you are ...

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Our Response to Covid-19

Dear Valued Air Mechanical Customers, Given the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we want to assure you that Air Mechanical’s greatest priority is the health and safety of our customers, employees and communities. We have been monitoring the situation closely and are actively taking precautionary safety measures to ensure the greatest level of safety possible. Governor ...

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