Rooftop HVAC Unit Installation & Repair In Minneapolis

Serving the Twin Cities Metro and Surrounding Areas

Looking for the best comfort system for your commercial HVAC needs? Consider a rooftop unit! This system is just right for many commercial HVAC configurations, and it can provide efficient, effective, powerful heating and cooling for your entire property. In addition, its rooftop location keeps it out of the way, and includes all of the components of the HVAC system in a single cabinet.

We install and service commercial rooftop HVAC units in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. We can assess your property and determine if this is the right fit for you, provide a rooftop unit replacement, or repair a broken system. We also offer commercial rooftop unit maintenance, helping to ensure your rooftop unit operates at peak efficiency and performance levels.

Air Mechanical, Inc. installs and services rooftop units. Contact us today!

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Why Get a Rooftop Unit?

There are many reasons to consider a rooftop unit for your business’ heating and cooling needs.

  • Your property may already be set up for a rooftop unit installation. If your commercial property is already set up to accommodate a rooftop unit, why waste your time renovating the property for any other system? Your technician can complete the commercial rooftop HVAC unit installation faster and spend more time making sure it’s running smoothly.
  • Many systems reach high levels of efficiency. You can work with a technician to find a high–efficiency system sized for your property to help your business save some money from month to month.
  • All of the components are in one cabinet. Typically, heating and air conditioning systems are separate from one another, and the air conditioning system has indoor and outdoor components. With a packaged rooftop unit, you can find everything in one place. This can help make your rooftop unit repair faster, since your technician can access all of the parts at once.
  • Your system is out of the way of your business. A technician working on the system stays out of the way when providing rooftop HVAC repairs and maintenance, which is part of what makes this type of unit ideal for many businesses.

We Install and Service Rooftop Units

The most important step in commercial rooftop HVAC unit installation is choosing a quality company to do the job. The technicians on our team can make sure the system is just the right size for your commercial heating and cooling needs because we know that improper sizing is a primary reason for systems failing before their time. We will complete your rooftop AC unit installation safely, and we will do our bests to see that the people on your property are comfortable throughout the installation process.

You also want to hire a company that offers the services necessary to keep the system running at its peak. Your air conditioning and heating specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc. can provide prompt repairs, along with routine maintenance services every year. We offer 24–hour emergency service because we know that some businesses cannot go on without a functioning comfort system. Call us today or schedule an appointment get the highest quality service for your commercial rooftop HVAC units in Minneapolis.


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