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Are you thinking about having a pool or hot tub installed in your home? Few other home additions provide the same combo of convenience, comfort, and enjoyment—whether you’re throwing a pool party for the family or you’re eager to relax in your new hot tub on a chilly night.

But while these amenities are beneficial, they can’t function as well as they should without being installed by professional electricians who have experience with hot tub and swimming pool wiring. At Air Mechanical, Inc., we’re proud of our ability to provide exceptional customer service and quality workmanship on each electrical project we complete, with hot tub and swimming pool wiring being one of our specialties. Contact us today to learn more!

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Hot Tub and Pool Wiring Installation

Are you thinking of having a new pool installed? They make for great home additions throughout  and the surrounding communities. It’s important, though, that every aspect of your swimming pool installation is done right the first time. After all, this type of amenity is a huge financial investment, not to mention an investment of your time and resources.

Therefore, you want to ensure that your pool will offer you enjoyment for the years to come. From your pool pump and lighting to your pool heating equipment, you require reliable and safe electrical power. That’s where our team comes in—and we do the same when it comes to your hot tub and jacuzzi wiring.

Does Your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Wiring Need Replacement?

If you already have an older swimming pool or hot tub that’s been on the property for decades, you may be wondering if the wiring is damaged or needs to be brought up to date. Make sure you get in touch with our team so we can assess your electrical wiring and determine if this is the case.

We will see that your pool or hot tub wiring replacement goes smoothly and that you can rely on the safe transfer of electrical power. We’ll give you a detailed assessment of any wiring issues you may have and ensure that replacement is absolutely necessary, then go to work restoring the functionality and usefulness of your pool or hot tub.

Trust the Pros for Your Pool and Hot Tub Wiring!

If you’ve been searching for an electrician in the area to set up your swimming pool wiring or jacuzzi wiring, you needn’t look any further than Air Mechanical, Inc.! Before you start planning for your new installation, simply give our team a call. From beginning to end, our expert electricians will ensure that every electrical component is working properly each step of the way.

Wires that are out of place are not only unsightly, but can be very dangerous to homeowners, their families, and their guests. A lot of money goes into your pool and hot tub installation, so you want to ensure it’s done correctly. Don’t rely solely on a pool installation company that does not employ licensed and experienced electricians. Speak to someone from our team today. 

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