Indoor Electrical Panel Repair & Installation In Minneapolis


The electrical panel, also referred to as your circuit or breaker box, is easily the most important component there is when it comes to the operation of your electrical system. This is because it divides the total electrical power entering your home into individual circuits. Without it, an electrical system could easily become overwhelmed—and dangerous. The electrical panel also protects your home from potential short circuits, overcurrent, and even electrical fires.

The electrical panel is a necessity to your home, but is yours doing its job as effectively as it should? Contact Air Mechanical, Inc., and we’ll help you determine if an electrical panel upgrade is in your near future, or perhaps you could get by with a professional electrical box repair. We look forward to helping you with your electrical needs.

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Is It Time for a Circuit Breaker Replacement? 

The main reason a homeowner would need to replace their electrical box is when it’s outdated—meaning, most likely, you have a fuse box. Fuse boxes are made up of individual fuses instead of circuit breakers. Similar to a circuit breaker panel, the job of a fuse box is to protect you and your electronics form short circuits, or electrical overloads.

Each individual fuse has a metal strip that melts when there is an excess of current. This means that you have to replace the fuses any time this happens—which can certainly become a hassle. Plus, if it’s happening a lot, it likely means that your electrical box has too high of a demand on it to power your entire home and all of its appliances.

The same can be said if you do have a modern circuit breaker box, but find that you have to reset your circuit breakers too often. You may need a larger and more up–to–date electrical panel to handle the electronics, appliances, and chargers you are asking your electrical system to handle.

Invest in an Electrical Panel Upgrade

When you’re in need of electrical panel repair, we are the team to call. However, as we mentioned above, an outdated electrical panel may not be able to handle the increased demand you place on it. But what exactly should you look for to determine if you actually do need an electrical panel or circuit breaker upgrade?

  • Constantly Tripped Circuit Breakers: If you’re resetting the breakers a few times a week, this is a warning sign that a circuit breaker replacement or upgrade is in store.
  • Signs of Electrical Fires: Electrical fires within your panel tend to burn out quickly on their own, but this doesn’t mean they should be neglected. You may not be so lucky next time. If you see any charring or detect an acrid odor, it’s time to give our professional electricians a call.
  • Breakers Won’t Remain Reset: If you notice that a reset circuit breaker in your electrical panel won’t stay reset or restore power, then it’s very likely that you have a faulty service panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know I need electrical box replacement?

There are a number of warning signs that indicate it might be time for a new panel. For example, if you notice frequent power surges or your lights flicker constantly you should consider an upgrade. Rusted components or breakers that are always tripping are two more indicators of trouble. If you’re remodeling your home or building an expansion, it also could be a good opportunity to add a new unit.

Is fuse box installation a DIY project?

Under most circumstances, absolutely not. Even if you have some experience with electrical work, it’s best to have fully trained and licensed professionals handle this type of job. Not only is there a high risk of electrocution, but any work that’s done improperly could lead to overloads, electrical fires, and damage to your appliances.

How much will this work cost?

There’s no one answer for how much you will need to spend for your electrical panel installation or repair. It will depend a great deal on factors such as the number of circuits required, the size of your home, and the overall amperage you need. Additionally, there are added costs to consider such as whether or not we will need to break through your walls.

Why should I have this work done?

In addition to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home, having an upgraded electrical panel can add to the value of your property.

Trust the Pros for Your Electrical Service

Due to the fact that it involves working so closely with electrical wires, any work involving your circuit breaker panel requires the assistance of qualified and experienced electricians. Electrical panels can be very dangerous in inexperienced hands.

This is a safety issue for any home. Our professionals will help you determine if you can get by with fuse box repair, or if you’d be better off with an electrical panel replacement or circuit breaker upgrade. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!

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