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Call Air Mechanical for all of your furnace needs. Our qualified heating technicians are trained to take care of any furnace service job, whether it’s a new installation to a professional yearly inspection. We proudly offer an extensive line of energy saving furnaces, and our HVAC experts are always on hand to answer your questions. Once we guide you through choosing the best new furnace system for your home, we will properly install your furnace and maintain it for the life of the equipment. Don’t hesitate to call us any time to learn why customers rely on us for quality workmanship and superior customer service. Contact us today to ask about our quality furnaces and heating services.


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Furnace Installation

When you are ready to install a new furnace, you should always discuss your options with a professional who can help you make an informed decision. Feel free to call if you have questions or want to go over your options with one of our heating professionals. Our technicians keep up with the advancements in our industry and all the design changes to provide you with quality installation services. Our furnace installation contractor will get the job done with minimal disruption to your home and treat your home with respect. We never leave a dirty workspace behind when we are done with our furnace services

Furnace Replacement

If you think you want to upgrade your old furnace, or if it is simply time to replace it, you will need to speak with one of our HVAC experts about what type of new furnace is the most efficient. While size and fuel source are the two major factors when choosing a furnace upgrade, it’s also important to the condition of your existing air ducts. If they need to be replaced, or if you don’t have ductwork in your home, you may want to consider a heat pump. If you have an electric furnace, you may decide that a gas furnace is more efficient. Call us, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions about our furnace replacement service.

Furnace Maintenance

Getting the most out of your furnace system will require routine furnace maintenance service and yearly professional inspections. We can provide you with routine maintenance tips, but you should also make an appointment with one of our furnace technicians for a furnace inspection and tune-up at least once a year. These visits allow one of our qualified technicians to make any needed repairs, adjustments, and check for hidden issues. We will also test your system’s performance levels and provide suggestions on how to improve your furnace’s efficiency levels.

Furnace Repair

If you have any concerns about your furnace, call us as soon as possible to resolve the issue before it becomes a larger problem. For emergency furnace repair in Minneapolis, we will respond to the service call as quickly as possible. Calling us whenever you notice a problem can prevent further damage and repair costs. Our furnace technicians are always glad to troubleshoot with customers over the phone, which is why our customers rely on us for the best furnace repair services in the business. Contact us now for immediate repair needs!

Furnace Service

At Air Mechanical, we take our commitment to customer service and quality craftsmanship seriously. We proudly offer a wide selection of high–efficiency furnaces, and we are always available to answer any questions and provide assistance. Whether you need help choosing the best new furnace for your needs, or you need an emergency furnace repair in Minneapolis, we can take care of all your furnace needs. Just give our HVAC experts a call any time to learn more about our quality products, furnace cleaning service, installs, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Furnace Installation Take?

A typical furnace installation takes four to eight hours.

What Are the Signs You Need a New Furnace? 

You may notice one or several signs that it’s time for a furnace replacement. Fortunately, replacing your old, inefficient furnace can save you money in repairs and utility usage over time.

Here are signs it’s time for a new furnace:

  • Your furnace is more than 20 years old.
  • Your current furnace requires frequent repairs.
  • The air quality in your home is suffering.
  • You notice strange odors or noises coming from your furnace.
  • Your utility bills rise due to the furnace’s inefficiency.
  • You see structural weaknesses such as rust or cracking.

Is a Gas or Electric Furnace Better for Your Home?

The choice between a gas and electric furnace is one of preference. Generally, electric furnaces have a lower purchase price. While more expensive to buy, gas furnaces are typically more affordable to run. Experts often recommend gas furnaces for homes in cold climates.

Electric furnaces tend to last longer and require less maintenance than gas furnaces. However, they’re less efficient and may become expensive to run in a cold climate. Homeowners who don’t want to deal with annual inspections and are OK with higher utility bills may prefer electric furnaces.

Whichever option you choose, our experts strive to ensure you have a safe, healthy, and warm heating system for your home.

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