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What if we told you the same system that provides effective and efficient heat can take care of your cooling needs as well? We’re talking about the heat pump system. And here at Air Mechanical, Inc., we provide all of your Andover heat pump needs. We sell, install, and repair heat pumps of all types.

Our heating technicians keep up with the latest technology in the HVAC industry so that they can provide you with the best heat pump services in the area. In addition to offering quality, high–efficiency heat pumps, we will work within your budget to make sure you get the most cost–effective solution for your heating and air conditioning needs.

For quality heating and cooling in the the Twin Cities Metro and surrounding areas that will last “For the life of your home,” contact Air Mechanical, Inc. today to install or service your heat pump.


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Turn to Us for Professional Heat Pump Installation

Whether you are retrofitting your current HVAC system or installing a system for a new home, we can provide you with any type of heat pump installation service. If you are replacing an old heat pump, we’ll also remove your old unit and properly dispose of it for you.

Once we install your new heat pump, we will help maintain it for the life of the system. We are always available for questions or to provide you with information about the energy–saving heat pumps we offer and our installation services.

Consider Replacing Your Current System with a Heat Pump

If you have an aging heater, in addition to an aging air conditioner, there’s no reason to replace them both separately—consider upgrading to a heat pump system! Any new heat pump model on the market will have far higher energy efficiency than a system that’s 10-15 years old. When you are considering a heat pump replacement, look for the ENERGY STAR label to ensure you’re getting a system that will offer you the most bang for your buck. We offer a wide selection of energy–saving heat pumps, including packaged units and ductless split heat pump systems.

It’s also important to note that efficiency ratings do not take into account overall home efficiency, so it is important to make sure your home has adequate insulation to get the most savings from a high–efficiency heat pump. Before you start looking at heat pump options, it is generally a good idea to speak to a member of our team, so that you make an informed decision. Feel free to call us if you want to know more about saving energy or upgrading to an ENERGY STAR heat pump.

Keeping Your Heat Pump in Good Shape

Ask about our Total Solutions Membership options! This is our comprehensive maintenance program. Your heat pump needs routine maintenance to operate efficiently and safely while also helping to lower utility bills. While there are some routine tasks you can do, we recommending having a professional provide a thorough inspection and cleaning at least once a year. During the annual maintenance exam, our technicians will also make any necessary repairs and charge the refrigerant if necessary—remember though, if you’ve lost refrigerant it means you have a leak, which requires repair!

One of the most important factors to remember about heat pump maintenance is that these systems are 2-in-1. Since they function as both a heating system and an air conditioner, which both need an annual tune-up, you’ll want to schedule heat pump maintenance every 6 months. This will ensure you avoid the costliest and most emergent of repairs. Of course, if you do need prompt repairs, Air Mechanical, Inc. is here for you with emergency services! Just give our team a call.


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