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Air Filtration Options for Your Home

While there are devices such as UV germicidal lights that actually destroy the pollutants they are designed to target, filtration is a simpler and more versatile air quality option. There are a number of different filtering devices available with varying capabilities, so it is important to discuss different designs and models with a professional well versed in air filtration products. Let Air Mechanical educate you on the air filtration options you may want to consider.

Mechanical Air Filters

Mechanical air filters are the most common air filtration option, and also one of the most efficient. Mechanical filters remove particles from the air by trapping them on filtering materials. As air passes through this material the pollutants being carried by this air are filtered out. This is the type of air filter that comes standard with heating and cooling systems, though those factory supplied filters pale in comparison to high efficiency filtration options such as HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters.

Mechanical filters are quite efficient at removing particles from the air as it passes through them, but because large particles often settle onto surfaces before they reach the filter they can be less effective at removing them completely. Mechanical filters are available in different levels of efficiency. Their filtration efficiency is measured on the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) scale. This rating system ranges from 1, being the lowest, all the way up to twenty, representing maximum efficiency. Below are some examples of differently rated mechanical filtration options.

  • Flat/panel air filters are often used in residential heating and cooling systems and feature a MERV of 1–4. They are not intended to increase indoor air quality, but rather to protect the inner mechanizations of your comfort systems.
  • Pleated/extended surface filters are medium efficiency options with a MERV of 5–13. They are reasonably efficient at removing the majority of particles in your home’s air and are substantially cheaper than higher rated filters.
  • High efficiency filters with a MERV of 14–16 are often mistaken as being HEPA filters, but HEPA filters are rarely installed residentially. They are too large and create too much airflow resistance for residential systems to accommodate. Filters boasting a MERV of 14–16 are extremely efficient at filtering out airborne pollutants.

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There are a number of indoor air quality products available in addition to these filters, including UV germicidal lights and electric air cleaners. If you’re interested in designing a complete indoor air quality system for your home, let air mechanical help. We’ll fill you in all your air filtration options in the Twin Cities Metro and surrounding areas.

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