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UV germicidal lights work with HVAC systems to provide sanitation inside your home without the use of chemicals. Ultraviolet lights damage the DNA of harmful microorganisms, thereby preventing reproduction in addition to killing the organism. You can also purchase portable UV lights to sanitize mattresses, electronics, and other household items that could be damaged by using water or chemicals. Using UV germicidal lights in residential homes is relatively new, even though UV lights have been used in commercial applications, such as hospitals and water treatment facilities, for many years.

At Air Mechanical, our indoor air quality specialists keep up with the latest technology so that they can help you decide if installing a UV germicidal light is the best choice for you. Call us any time to learn more about the UV germicidal lights and services we offer.

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Benefits of Installing UV Germicidal Lights in your Home

UV germicidal lights are safe and easy to maintain. Germicidal lights kill harmful microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and some molds. They also can kill pest eggs, including bed bugs, dust mites, and fleas. If your Andover home is poorly sealed or doesn’t have enough ventilation, UV lights can help to improve indoor air quality. When there’s adequate ventilation, the air circulation helps to rid your home of harmful particles and indoor air pollutants.

Used in tandem with air cleaners, UV germicidal lights can help to provide more protection from these particles and allergens that cause health problems. Additionally, UV lights can increase HVAC efficiency because better indoor air quality helps to maintain proper temperatures within the home.

UV Germicidal Light Maintenance and Repair

Like any light source, UV germicidal lights do not burn indefinitely. It is important to have your UV germicidal lights inspected and maintained annually to ensure that they are working effectively. Regular professional maintenance is also the best way to avoid costly repairs on your indoor air quality devices. Even small problems can cause serious damage given enough time, so early detection is the best way to avoid issues with your UV germicidal lights. If repairs are necessary, Air Mechanical has the experience with these systems to get yours operating efficiently again fast. Call today with any questions you have regarding the maintenance of your UV germicidal lights.

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If you are trying to choose whether or not installing a Andover UV germicidal light is the solution for you, call Air Mechanical. We are always here to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the best Andover indoor air quality products for your home. We are here to help, so call any time.

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