Drain Cleaning and Video Pipe Inspection Services in Blaine, MN and Surrounding Areas

Serving the Twin Cities Metro and Surrounding Areas

Air Mechanical offers drain cleaning, bio clean pipe system treatment, and video pipe inspection service to customers throughout the Andover area. Slow or clogged drains can indicate a problem in the line, so it’s best to have one of our professional plumbers inspect it. Only an experienced, certified plumber can perform all those tasks safely and efficiently.

Grease, oil, and certain types of soaps can also accumulate along the walls of drain pipes. A greasy–oily build up can slow the drain down, but it can also snag hair and other bits of solid debris which can quickly grow into a clot that completely blocks the pipe. By utilizing video pipe inspection technology our technicians are easily able to find any clogs or blockages and clear them efficiently and completely.

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Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Air Mechanical offers Andover video camera pipe inspections to locate, detect, and resolve all types of plumbing problems, including blockages and tree root penetration. Video inspections are also used to make sure pipes and drains are completely free of clogs and debris after they’ve been hydro–jetted.

Video inspections are an important part of locating any cracks or holes in your pipes without damaging the rest of your property. Because video camera inspections use a camera mounted on a flexible fiber optic cable that’s fed into the pipe, it’s a fast and effective method that has revolutionized plumbing inspections and repairs. Call Air Mechanical any time to learn more about how video technology can help maintain your entire plumbing system.

Detecting Leaks with a Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Some of the most frequent signs of leaks caused by corrosion include the following:

  • A drop in water pressure
  • Discolored water
  • Water that has an unpleasant odor or taste.

Corrosion or mineral deposits inside the pipes lead to contaminated water and pose a health hazard. By using video inspection technology, our plumbers can rule out any leaks or hazards with a non–invasive process that will allow the technician to inspect the inside of the water lines.

In addition to water lines, our video camera pipe inspections give our plumbers a full view of the entire network of drain pipes for cracks, fissures, and other potential problems without having to expose the pipes. If a clog or block occurs, or a new line of pipe is installed, a plumber can inspect the work from the inside to make sure the job was done correctly.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection and Drain Cleaning Specialists

When you schedule a video camera pipe inspection with one of the plumbers at Air Mechanical, we provide a comprehensive inspection of your entire plumbing system. From locating tree root penetration to slab leaks, we make sure to check all the drain pipes and water line connections for leaks and potential trouble spots. Call Air Mechanical today for all your plumbing needs.

How Bio–Clean Treatment Works

Unlike chemical drain cleaners that use corrosives to attack buildup in pipes, Bio–Clean utilizes the natural power of bacteria to remove organic waste. Chemical cleaners will certainly get rid of many clogs, but they can also damage your pipes, especially if used repeatedly. Bio–Clean’s bacteria, on the other hand, attack only organic materials, meaning they’ll eat up things like hair, grease, soap, paper and food while leaving your pipes completely unharmed.

Because of this, Bio–Clean is a product you can use both to get rid of a clog in an emergency and as a regular monthly treatment to keep your entire plumbing system running smoothly. By keeping up with these types of preventative treatments, you’ll never have to worry about organic matter clogging your plumbing system again. Contact us today for an appointment.

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