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Water Treatment Systems

Air Mechanical installs and maintains many types of water treatment and purification systems. Our Andover, MN water treatment system experts can provide you with any information you need about residential water testing and water purification. If you are thinking of having a water treatment system installed or replaced, call Air Mechanical any time to schedule a consultation.

Water Quality and Water Contaminants

Increasing levels of contaminants and carcinogens cycling into the environment every day have heightened concerns over the quality of our drinking water. Excess minerals and metals leached from the soil aren’t always removed by municipal purification systems. All these contaminants can arrive in our homes in the water we drink. They can trigger allergies and other health effects. That’s why many of our customers have installed in–home water purification systems.

Most water treatment systems are easy to install, maintain, and they are user–friendly. They will require some routine monitoring and maintenance. Air Mechanical has installed and maintained many types of Andover, MN water treatment systems throughout the area. We stock all the components, filters, and membranes used by most brands.

Water Treatment Options

The level of contamination in your water and the types of contaminants are the most important factors in deciding which water treatment system to install in your home. Most municipal water is free of bacteria and microorganisms, but your tap water should be tested for those contaminants if you suspect a problem.

Water from any municipal source may have excess amounts of minerals, ions, and metals. Water can also be too acidic (low pH). The only way to detect those contaminants is with accurate testing. Air Mechanical has installed and repaired many Andover, MN water treatment systems over the years. These are some of the most frequently used water treatment systems in the Andover area:

  • Filtration Systems — Bacteria, sediment, some minerals, and other contaminants are removed by passing the water through a series of filters. The filters are usually supplied as replaceable cartridges that fit inside a housing mounted on a wall or in a cabinet. Filtration systems are most effective for low levels of common drinking water contaminants.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems — For water with high levels of ions and minerals. Also effective if water has a high level of some unusual mineral. With reverse osmosis systems, the contaminated water is actively pushed through a membrane that separates the minerals and salts.
  • Chemical Feed Pump Systems — Usually for water with excessively high levels of certain minerals and metals. Also used to balance the pH of acidic water. Chemical feed pumps use safe, non–toxic chemicals to neutralize or remove harmful contaminants from the water.
  • Specialty Cartridges — Basically the same as filtration units, but these systems have cartridges designed to remove rare metals or chemicals from the water, such as arsenic or nitrate.

Water treatment systems also come in different sizes and capacities. They can be used to treat all the water coming into the home, or just the tap water used in the kitchen. Most units have some type of storage tank where the purified water accumulates. Some systems, such as chemical feed pumps, require electrical power to operate.

We believe that customer education should be a part of our service. If we install any of these units in your home, we’ll make sure you understand how it operates, and which filters and other components need to checked or replaced. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our Andover, MN water treatment system specialists.