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Don’t let just anyone handle the residential heating and air conditioning repairs and services you need to stay comfortable in your own home. A regular handyman does not know the ins and outs of these systems and could actually make the system worse with a faulty repair. It’s also important to let a professional plumber work on your pipes and fixtures, ensuring you’re not stuck with a leak or clog that’s even more difficult to fix. Call our team and let us do it right the first time. As one of the top heating and air conditioning contractors, our plumbers and technicians have years of experience, so they can be certain that your HVAC in Bloomington, MN, is serviced correctly.

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Let Our Plumbers Handle Frustrating Drainage and Plumbing Problems?

Annoyed by frequent drain clogs? We’ve got a substance that can get all of the organic materials out of your drains to prevent clogging without damaging your pipes. Worried about the quality of the water you drink? Our water treatment systems target the most common contaminants found in Bloomington water supplies. Hot water never as hot as you want it? We can take care of that too. Let our plumbers handle all of your plumbing and drain installation and service needs.

What to Look for in a Water Treatment System

No two types of water treatment systems do the same amount of work. A standard water filter can remove many contaminants, but it won’t protect your pipes if you have hard water; this requires a water softener. To find the right water treatment system or filter for your home, you’ll have to call in a professional for water testing.

Schedule Drain Cleaning with a Company that Uses Bio–Clean

Bio–Clean drain treatment uses bacteria to eat away at the organic materials in the drains such as food and hair. When you schedule drain cleaning with us, you can expect that your drains are clean and clear without so many residues stuck to the lining of the drain, which means you won’t have to worry about very much clogging within your drainpipe very soon.

What’s Wrong with My Tank Water Heater?

When you experience a decline in the performance from your water heater, you might expect the worst. But you should call in a professional before you make any assumptions. Check around for leaks from your water heater so that you can tell if you need emergency services. If you hear loud noises from the tank, you should know that it’s probably not an emergency, but it still requires attention ASAP.

When to Schedule Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is a service that protects the air conditioner from damage, getting many of the components into better shape and making it easier for the unit to keep you comfortable. In addition, it can reduce your monthly bills and the chances of repairs. However, when your system is suffering from damages, maintenance is not the right service for you. This requires the help of an HVAC contractor for prompt air conditioning repair. Get in touch with our techs to schedule service in Bloomington, MN.

AC Repair Is a Tough Job

The refrigeration process an air conditioner uses to cool down your home is complex. Refrigerant moves from component to component, evaporating indoors while absorbing heat and condensing outside while releasing heat. This is a complicated process which many technicians study for years. Let our experts perform AC repair, since you can count on their knowledge of these systems to equate to excellent service.

We Have Residential Heating Systems of All Sizes

Many people don’t realize just how essential sizing is when installing a new heating system. If a heater is the wrong size for your home, it struggles to keep you comfortable. When it is too small, it simply cannot do the job, but when it is too large, it may become worn down from all of the extra work and frequent cycling. When you call our professionals, you’ll get a heater that is just the right size for your needs, taking into account the levels of insulation in your home, the number of people, and the placement of windows throughout the space.

Why Choose a Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are already the most popular heating systems in the country, but why should you choose one for your home when there are so many other options available? Generally, a gas furnace is more cost effective than the other options. Boilers can be pricy at first, and most homes are already set up with a set of ducts and a gas line connection. A gas furnace is safe and efficient so call us to schedule service!

What You Should Know about Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Installing a geothermal heating and cooling system takes a lot of time. A technician will need to dig a trench on your property, or they may drill a hole deep in the ground to accommodate a vertical loop installation. The underground loop system, however, will last for many years, and it most likely won’t need many repairs at all over the course of its life, partly because it is shielded from the weather. In addition, a geothermal system is one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems you can have in Bloomington, MN.

Common Indoor Air Quality Problems in Bloomington

One of the most common indoor air quality issues is when allergens continue to circulate through the air, regardless of the fact that your heating and air system has an air filter. Air filters are not always effective against the most harmful contaminants, which is why you may need a supplementary air purifier or air filtration system. Another common problem is low humidity, but our whole–home humidifiers can help. We also install heat recovery ventilators to combat stale air.

Are Your Ducts Dirty? Then You May Need Air Duct Cleaning and Sealing

Whatever the problems are within your ducts, the Air Mechanical, Inc. team can help. We can take a look inside of your ducts and determine whether there is a high level of leakage or dust and debris built up. We offer duct cleaning services, which targets allergens and other issues that can reduce airflow and make you sick. And we provide duct sealing, which solves many efficiency and HVAC system problems.

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