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Every time you turn on the faucet or adjust your thermostat, you are making use of a large system that is dedicated to keeping you comfortable. If all of these systems don’t get the professional services that they need, they will quickly wear down over the years and you won’t get the best possible return on investment for them. If you want to keep your home’s systems and appliances in good shape, you need to make sure that they get the professional services they need. That’s why Air Mechanical, Inc. offers a full range of installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems.

If you need any of these air conditioning, heating or plumbing services in Eden Prairie, MN, call today and schedule an appointment.


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Ask About Our Comprehensive Plumbing Services in Eden Prairie, MN

Your plumbing system is responsible for providing you with the fresh water you use every day, as well as disposing of wastewater. Without it, your home would be both less convenient and less sanitary. Keeping a plumbing system in good repair can be trickier than with other systems, as most of the plumbing system is hidden from view. However, with a good contractor on your side you have nothing to worry about. Air Mechanical, Inc. offers a full range of plumbing services throughout Eden Prairie, MN.

We Install and Service Water Treatment Systems

Most of the water you drink is probably piped in by the city in which you live. That means that it undergoes extensive treatment to rid it of anything dangerous before being piped into your home. However, municipal water treatment is not 100% percent effective. If you really want to protect yourself from harmful substances in your water, you should take advantage of our water treatment services. We offer full water treatment services, including water testing and water softening.

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Drain Cleaning Services

Most people wait to schedule drain cleaning until they have a clog form in their system. This is a pretty inefficient way to keep your drains in good condition, though. Drain clogs start to form long before they totally block up the pipe. If you schedule drain cleaning at least once a year, you can ensure that your drains are kept in good condition.

We Offer a Full Range of Water Heater Services

Of all the systems in your home, your water heater is probably under the most stress year round. While you may only use other appliances on a daily basis for a couple of months out of the year, you use your water heater multiple times a day. If you need water heater services of any kind, call Air Mechanical, Inc.. We install, repair, maintain, and replace many kinds of water heaters.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Services in Eden Prairie, MN?

When summer rolls around, staying cool becomes a top priority. As far as staying cool goes, nothing can quite match the comfort or convenience of air conditioning. Sure, you can stick your head in the freezer for a while, but it won’t be the same. Air Mechanical, Inc. installs and services a wide range of air conditioning systems throughout Eden Prairie, MN. If you need air conditioning services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment. We’ll help keep your home cool all summer long.

We Offer Full AC Repair Services

Air conditioning problems tend to get worse the longer they are given time to develop. If you have reason to believe that your air conditioner has a problem, don’t wait! Call for repairs today, and your air conditioner will be much better off in the long run. Air Mechanical, Inc. offers a full range of air conditioning repair services. Let us help keep your air conditioner healthy.

We Provide Comprehensive Heating Services throughout Eden Prairie, MN

Just as keeping cool is a priority during the summer, keeping your home warm is pretty important during the winter. You don’t want to try to make it through a winter in Eden Prairie without a good home heating system on your side, which is why Air Mechanical, Inc. offers a full range of home heating services. Whether you need a heating system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, we can help you out. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.

Ask About Our Furnace Services

Of all the home heating types available on the market today, furnaces are the most popular. In fact, they’ve been the most popular for quite a long time. This is because they are affordable, effective, and versatile, making them a prime choice for many different homeowners. We offer a full range of furnace services, including installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement.

We Install and Service Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems in Eden Prairie, MN

Geothermal systems are heat pumps, which means that they can act as both heating and cooling systems. They do this by evaporating and condensing refrigerant to move preexisting heat from one place to another. Unlike most heat pumps, though, which rely on the air outside the home for heat, a geothermal system siphons thermal energy from underground. This gives it access to an infinitely renewable source of energy. Air Mechanical, Inc. offers a full range of geothermal heating and cooling services throughout Eden Prairie, MN.

Take Advantage of Our Indoor Air Quality Services in Eden Prairie, MN

Though the air in your home may look clear, it is probably infested with millions upon millions of microscopic airborne contaminants. Some of the airborne contaminants commonly found in homes include pollen, dander, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and dust. Prolonged exposure to these contaminants is likely to cause various health problems, including increased illness frequency and chronic conditions like asthma. If you want to improve your health, you should first improve your indoor air quality. Air Mechanical, Inc. offers a full range of indoor air quality services throughout Eden Prairie, MN.

Ask About Our Duct Cleaning and Duct Sealing Services

The ducts in your home may be unobtrusive, but they serve a vital role. If you want your home to be as efficient and healthy as possible, you should take good care of your ducts. Duct cleaning prevents airborne contaminants from building up in them and making you sick. Duct sealing closes up leaks that contribute to the loss of heating and cooling efficiency. We offer full duct cleaning and sealing services.

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