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At Air Mechanical, Inc., we are proud of the work that we do. We are committed to providing our customers with quality service, superior products, excellent value, and someone they can call for helpful advice whenever they need it. If you’re looking for a new heating, air conditioning, and/or plumbing service provider in the Fridley, MN area, make us your go–to source. We have skilled technicians on staff in all of these areas, with the proper certifications and training to take on any job. Whether it’s a new installation, a replacement system, emergency repairs, or a routine maintenance visit, we can be there for you.

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The Plumbers at Air Mechanical, Inc. Have You Covered

We are a trusted name in plumbing throughout the Fridley, MN area. We have been serving the area since 1985, and homeowners recognize our name as one they can count on. Our plumbers arrive on time, and they treat any plumbing service as if it were the most important one they completed that day, whether it’s a garbage disposal installation or a new water line. Call us for plumbing installation, repair, replacement, or service, and you’ll find that we’re the only plumbing and HVAC company you need.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

After water testing, your plumber can go over which types of water treatment systems will work best for your particular issues. This might mean installing a water softener so that you don’t have to worry about minerals clogging up your water pipes and fixtures. A basic water filter can eliminate some contaminants, but a reverse osmosis system can take care of a large percentage of the worst issues.

What’s Involved with Drain Cleaning?

Different technicians use different techniques for cleaning out the drains as necessary. While some situations call for drain augers and other tools to reach into the drain, some call for a solution that will rid the drains of any stuck–on residue. That’s why we use Bio–Clean drain treatment, a biological solution that removes organic waste without any harmful chemicals that can damage the pipes.

Do You Need a New Water Heater?

Eventually, any system will fail, but this gives you an opportunity to replace it with a more efficient and effective unit. You might choose a conventional tank unit, as this often has the lowest price tag starting out. But if you’re ready for an efficient upgrade, consider a tankless water heater, one that only heats up the water when you open up a hot water tap.

Your Fridley Air Conditioning Experts

We’ve got all of the training necessary to diagnose problems quickly and fix them correctly. In addition, we value integrity, and we won’t recommend or push for a new system unless you really need it. We have your best interest in mind at all times. We can recommend a new system that saves you money over the years and fits within your budget. Or we can add on a zone control system or air quality system to your air conditioner so that you stay even more comfortable. Call us to learn more about our AC installations and services.

The AC Repair Specialists

When your air conditioning system breaks down, you want repairs as quickly as possible. Thankfully, there is a company in Fridley offering 24–hour emergency services and convenient scheduling when it’s not an emergency: Air Mechanical, Inc.. We also provide maintenance services that may prevent your air conditioner from breaking in the first place. Give us a call to schedule service right now!

We Are Heating System and Service Professionals

Our heating experts can be there for you as soon as you notice a problem. We offer 24/7 heating services. We also offer non–emergency heating service by appointment, of course. And we can replace your heater when necessary. This includes the conventional furnaces and boilers, but also alternative heaters like radiant heating systems, heat pumps, and even ductless mini splits. Not sure which type of heating system is right for you? Just call our heating professionals in the Fridley, MN area!

How a Furnace Works

Furnaces use the air ducts in a home and a blower fan to pull in air through a filter before moving it past a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger contains the combustion byproducts and heats up as these byproducts vent to the outdoors after the gas burners heat up. We’re oversimplifying this process, of course, and you’ll need an expert technician who understands the ins and outs of furnaces when you need service.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Is Ideal for Fridley, MN

Some of the most efficient heating and cooling you can have uses the heat energy from the earth. A geothermal heating and cooling system uses an underground loop system to absorb the heat from the earth and move it back into the home, or else it’s used as a place for heat to dissipate during the cooling process. For more information about geothermal heating and cooling, talk to a qualified technician on our team. Only select heating and air conditioning technicians are qualified to install and service these systems in the Fridley area!

Your Indoor Air Quality Specialists

When you call a heating and air conditioning technician to your home, you should make sure that you have a technician who cares not only about the temperature in your home but also the quality of the air you breathe. A good technician can recognize when your air quality is suffering, and they may recommend a new air purifier, whole–home filtration system, or dehumidifier. We also offer indoor air quality services such as duct cleaning and duct sealing.

Who Benefits from Duct Sealing and Cleaning?

As it turns out, most homes with air ducts have some level of duct leakage. When ducts leak, you pay to heat or cool areas of the home that aren’t in use—like the crawlspaces and the attic. Schedule air duct sealing with the friendly people at Air Mechanical, Inc. if you notice your home isn’t as cool or warm as you’d like it to be. In addition, we recommend air duct cleaning for household members with allergies or asthma.

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