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Air Mechanical, Inc. has more than a quarter century of experience providing St. Francis, MN with exceptional quality services when it comes to plumbing and home comfort. You don’t need to look far when you have a job you need done to keep your house warm in winter or cool in summer, or if you’re searching for plumbing repair or installation work from licensed professionals. All of our technicians make it their goal to provide a level of workmanship that will turn you into a loyal customer for life. We’ll earn and keep your trust.

Call Air Mechanical, Inc. for plumbing, air conditioning and heating services and systems in St. Francis, MN.

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If You Need a Licensed Plumber, Call Our Plumbing Staff Today

Residential plumbing covers a wide range of services. There are small but important jobs such as installing sump pumps and repairing leaking pipes. Then there are large and complicated jobs such as putting in a new water heater and handling breaks in the sewer line or water main. Whatever the size of the plumbing job your home in St. Francis needs, you can put your full trust in the plumbers at Air Mechanical, Inc. to get it done right the first time.

We Offer Installation of Water Treatment Systems

The water that comes into your home from the municipal system may not be of the highest quality. If you want to know exactly what’s in your water, arrange for water testing with us. We can then offer you different options for water treatment, such as installing a water softener to counteract hard water or water purifiers to eliminate harmful substances.

Schedule Drain Cleaning for Your Plumbing

Are you running into slow drains and obstinate drains clogs on a regular basis? Then it’s time to stop reaching for the plunger all the time and instead talk to our plumbers about routine drain cleaning. We have the finest equipment to make this a thorough job. Once we’re done, you’ll have few worries about drain stoppage in the future.

We Also Provide Water Heater Service

Try to imagine making it through a week, or even a single day, if you couldn’t get anything from your taps or showerheads except cold or room temperature water. It isn’t something pleasant to think about, is it? You have a water heater to see that this doesn’t happen, but that water heater has its own needs. Call us to take care of it, no matter if that means repairs, a new installation, or routine maintenance.

Rely On Our Air Conditioning Professionals in St. Francis

The Minnesota winters may be more famous than the summers, but the summers can still be harsh. Surviving one without an air conditioner in your home? That’s not something you want to attempt! Just put in a call to Air Mechanical, Inc. and ask for our air conditioning specialists. They’ll help you with a new installation (including ductless ACs and heat pumps), scheduling a repair to keep your current cooling system running, or setting up a maintenance schedule to see that your air conditioner works in the best condition.

We Have 24–Hour Services for AC Repair

A malfunction in an air conditioner will rarely select a convenient time to occur. You’ll need to move fast to see that you don’t spend long in baking–hot temperatures, and we’re prepared to move fast as well whenever you call us. Our expert AC repair team is on call 24 hours a day, and we have the best tools available to see that the necessary repairs are finished fast.

You Need Excellent Heating for Your Home—And We’ll Provide It

Each winter, your home must have a heating system that can push back intense below–freezing weather from your living space. If you are currently in the market for a new heater, call our HVAC technicians at Air Mechanical, Inc. and let them guide you toward the best installation of a new system. We also provide the continuing support that heaters in a place that gets as cold as St. Francis need to continue to work season after season. Contact us for rapid repair work and routine system maintenance.

Do You Have a Furnace or Are Looking to Install One?

Furnaces are the most common choice for home heating systems across the country, and gas furnaces are particularly effective against the Minnesota cold. You should only look to experienced professionals when you require service for a furnace of any kind. Our technicians will handle all of your installation, repair, and maintenance needs so that your family stays safe and warm.

Call Us for Geothermal Heating and Cooling

One of the best places to look for efficient and reliable home heating and cooling is in the ground around where you live. Geothermal heat pumps access the stable temperature of the earth below the surface in order to work at energy–saving levels. They are particularly dependable during the deep colds, when standard heat pumps will start to struggle. Air Mechanical, Inc. provides complete service for geothermal heating and cooling in St. Francis, and we’re glad to answer any of your questions about how one of these systems will work for your home.

Do You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

A decline in indoor air quality in homes is an unfortunate problem during both summer and winter, when buildings are closed off to the outside and the concentration of contaminants indoors can start to grow. There are a number of choices when it comes to better indoor air quality, and Air Mechanical, Inc. offers many of them. We work with ventilation systems and also install air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and energy recovery ventilators. To learn more, simply call us and we’ll guide you through your options.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning and Duct Sealing

The air ducts in your home should have professional cleaning done every few years, or else the build–up of debris inside them will place significant resistance against airflow from the AC and forced–air heater, raising bills. Along with providing this service, our professionals also handle sealing up ducts that have suffered damages leading to energy–robbing leaks. Contact us today for the ductwork services you need.

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