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If you live in White Bear Lake, MN, make sure that you call Air Mechanical, Inc. whenever you require service to keep your heating and air conditioning systems in peak condition. Our skilled technicians can assist you with installing new systems, replacing old ones, or handling repairs and routine maintenance. We also have a staff of licensed plumbers who handle a wide range of residential plumbing jobs. We’re dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology so that our customers receive the highest level of quality. We want you to be one of our regular customers, so contact us today.

Call Air Mechanical, Inc. for plumbing, air conditioning and heating services and systems in White Bear Lake, MN.

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Our Plumbers Can Provide All the Plumbing Services You Might Need in White Bear Lake

You don’t want an inexperienced plumber who doesn’t have the proper licensing to work on your home’s plumbing. To have the job done correctly the first go-round, call Air Mechanical, Inc.. We’ll see that you receive a plumber with the talent and tools to have your repair, installation, replacement, or maintenance task taken care of right. You don’t have to worry whether we offer a service or not: we can take on any plumbing job, large or small, so that you’ll be happy with the end results.

Call Us When You Need Water Treatment

You can’t depend on the municipal water treatment plant to eliminate all water impurities. Many can enter the water on its way to you. Thanks to our water testing services, you can find out what impurities are in your water and the best methods to eliminate them. Whether you need a water softener, chemical feed pump, or other treatment system installed, our experts can do the job for you.

Drain Cleaning from Professionals with the Best Tools

When you run into an obstinate clog in your drains, a plunger can sometimes solve the issue. If it can’t, contact our drain cleaners and they’ll have it taken care of. If you want to have clogs reduced in the future, please schedule a routine drain cleaning session with us. With tools like hydro-jetters, we will see that your drains are cleansed to like-new condition.

Water Heater Services Done Right

A water heater takes on a large burden in a household. It supplies the taps and appliances throughout the home with the heated water necessary for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. The strain on the water heater will eventually lead to it needing repairs and a replacement: we can handle both these tasks. We also offer new installation and routine maintenance for water heaters. Call today to schedule service.

Excellent Air Conditioning Is Only a Phone Call Away

When you turn on your AC during a hot summer day, you expect to receive crisp, cool air from the system. It’s our job to see that you have an air conditioner that’s this reliable, as well as energy-efficient. Contact Air Mechanical, Inc. is schedule a new air conditioner installation (as well as ductless ACs and heat pumps) in White Bear Lake, MN. We also provide regular maintenance service to bolster your system’s performance and keep it running for many years. Make us your top choice for local cooling professionals!

Great AC Repair Available Around the Clock

What if your air conditioner starts to act up during a hot day? There’s no need to worry, you can reach the repair professionals on our team 24 hours a day. We know that cooling systems do not pick convenient times to break down, so we’re prepared to help you get back your pleasant indoor environment whenever you need us.

We Offer the Professional Heating You’re Looking For

Air Mechanical, Inc. has worked to heat homes in White Bear Lake during winter for more than 25 years-and the winters here some of the most severe in the country! It takes special skill and dedication to combat such intense cold conditions successfully, but our professionals are more than up to the challenge. We install, repair, replace, and maintain numerous types of heaters, including boilers and radiant heating systems. You can rely on us 24/7 whenever you need comfort in cold weather.

Installation and Other Services for Furnaces

Few heating systems are more suited to handling Minnesota winters than a gas furnace. Our professionals are experienced with dealing with many types of furnaces, and they are here to see that you have top quality installation, repairs, or whatever else you may need. Never turn to amateurs for this job: we’ll see that you and your family remain safe and warm.

Interested in Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

You might think that using a geothermal comfort system is out of your reach. The truth might surprise you! A properly installed and maintained geothermal heat pump is available for many more properties than ever before. You only need to contact Air Mechanical, Inc. and ask to speak to our geothermal experts. They offer the complete range of services necessary for a working geothermal system, and they’ll help you get started with a geothermal solution for your house in White Bear Lake.

Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Air Mechanical, Inc. is dedicated to comfort, and that means doing more than working with air conditioners and heaters. We also provide services for boosting indoor air quality, which can often take a hit during winters and summers when homes are closed off against the outside. Among the different services we offer are installation of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air filters, air purifiers, and energy recovery ventilators. Contact us to find out more about what we can do to make your air healthier in White Bear Lake.

Arrange for Duct Cleaning and Duct Sealing with Us

If your ducts are filled with dust and dirt (which they will collect gradually over the years), it will have a negative impact on airflow, and in turn your HVAC system will start to waste energy. Professional duct cleaning will solve this trouble. Along with our duct cleaning services, we also help repair leaky ventilation systems with duct sealing.

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