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Indoor Air Quality Services

Serving the Twin Cities Metro and Surrounding Areas

One of the most often overlooked issues faced by homeowners in our area is indoor air quality. Modern homes are sealed up tightly against air loss to save money and reduce energy consumption. While this can cut your energy bills in half in some cases, sometimes it also causes allergens, pet dander and other contaminents to ciruclate through your home.

In the Twin Cities, indoor air quality is a serious issue. If your indoor air is contaminated, your family members might experience triggers for asthma and allergies. For that reason, Air Mechanical offers a full line of indoor air quality services including installation and maintenance of air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and UV germicidal lights.

Air Filtration

It’s likely your air handler already has a standard filter installed that removes dust and pollen, and other large particles. High–grade air purfiers installed with an air handler can remove much smaller particles, as small as 0.3 microns.

Another major issue affecting many Twin Cities–area homes is humidity. Extreme high or low humidity can contribute to the growth of microbial contaminants such as bacteria, mold and dust mites. A good humidity control system will provide a necessary defense against these problems, and can also protect your furniture from damage from too much or too little humidity in your home.

UV germicidal lights should also be considered as an addition to your air handler. They are designed to kill bacteria and viruses that circulate through your ductwork.

Risks of Poor Indoor Air Quality

It is important to proactively manage the air quality in your home. In the Twin Cities, indoor air quality issues are very common, and most are not very dangerous – things like pet dander, pollen, and dust. When they build up to a high enough level, however, they can trigger allergy and asthma attacks.

Other pollutants can be more serious, including mold spores, bacteria, and viruses, which can be detrimental to your health.

Twin Cities Indoor Air Quality Experts

For all of your Twin Cities indoor air quality needs, call the HVAC experts of Air Mechanical. Since 1985, we have provided expert service to homeowners and businesses throughout the Twin Cities area, and can do the same for you.