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When you’re running your air conditioner or heater, you keep your windows and doors shut, right? This makes sense after all—it helps insulate your home, making it easier to maintain climate control. This does have an unintended consequence, however. Closing all your windows and doors cuts off air circulation, so that you’re not getting fresh air in your home.

If your home spends too much time without fresh air circulation, it can dry out, making it easier for you to catch illnesses as your immune system is lowered. Airborne contaminants are another threat—they become trapped in the home and irritate the symptoms of those with allergies or asthma. Fortunately, when professionally installed and services, these systems work to ventilate your home and minimize energy loss at the same time!

Energy recovery and heat recovery ventilators are an important part of your indoor air quality solutions, to keep everyone healthy “For the life of your home.” Contact Air Mechanical, Inc. today to learn more.

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Do You Need an ERV or HRV?

Also referred to as ERVs, the energy recovery ventilator uses a heat exchanger and fans to recover energy that would otherwise be lost in the ventilation process of your HVAC system, as an alternative to opening your windows and doors on either a soaring hot or blistery cold day. Usually these systems are whole–house ventilators and can either have their own ductwork, or can share existing ductwork with your heating and cooling system.

Heat recovery ventilators do this too, but the key difference is that energy recovery ventilators transfer an amount of water along with the heat, which can help to control humidity. In the winter, the supply air will be cold and usually dry, so energy recovery ventilators can impart humidity to it and help keep the humidity of the house constant, which also reduces the risk of freezing in the heat exchanger. In the summer humidity can be removed from the incoming air and put into the drier air being vented.

Energy recovery ventilation systems are able to save about 70%–80% of the energy in the air being vented by transferring it to the supply air. It’s easy to imagine the potential financial savings that accompany this energy conservation.

ERV and HRV Installation and Services from the Pros

Just like any other home comfort system, a quality installation and routine, professional maintenance are requires to keep your energy recovery or heat recovery ventilator operating as it should—efficiently and effectively. Sharing ductwork with your HVAC systems can cut down on the installation costs a bit, if this is a concern.

Not all HVAC professionals are familiar with or knowledgeable about what goes into a successful ERV or HRV installation, nor can they follow up with the appropriate services to ensure it stays in good shape. This is why you want to work with a team who understand how important it is for you to keep your family comfortable, by saving energy and subsequently saving money! Call Air Mechanical, Inc. today to get started with your ERV and HRV services!

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