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As a homeowner, you need to keep a careful eye on the various systems that make up your household. Among the most important are your plumbing, air conditioning, and heating systems, all of which are vulnerable to the kinds of weather extremes we experience in Oak Grove, MN. Hot weather and high humidity can corrode key components, while our deathly cold winters can wreak havoc with all manner of household systems. That comes on top of the regular use they are put to in order to keep your home comfortable. Luckily, the pros at Air Mechanical, Inc. are here to help. Our trained staff can handle any problems with your plumbing, air conditioning, and heating system, as well as performing installation and repairs. Call us today!

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A Licensed Plumber Can Diagnose the Problem with Your Homes Plumbing Quickly

The benefits of hiring a professional plumber in Oak Grove MN go well beyond peace of mind. Your average homeowner might only deal with a given plumbing problem once or twice in their lives. But here at Air Mechanical, Inc., we handle them countless times and have the skills to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately before making proper repairs. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your pipes are in good hands and that whatever the problem is, it gets treated the right way. Call our staff to set up an appointment today!

Comprehensive Water Treatment Systems Should Be Installed by Pros

Plumbing can be a deceptively simple science, and most people assume they can just pop any old component into their systems. Water treatment services-including water softeners and water testing-should always be conducted by a professional. They know what to look for, after all, and can perform installation for a water treatment system properly, so there’s never any problem!

Drain Cleaning Services Take the Hassle Out of the Task

No one likes to deal with a clogged drain, and nothing can be more frustrating than to flush a toilet or turn on a sink and watch the water rise instead of fall. Treating such a clog can be exasperating, and with store-bought solutions, it rarely addresses the problem. Instead, look to a trained plumber to handle it, and rest easy knowing that your pipes are in good hands.

Water Heaters Come in Many Forms

When it comes to water heaters, most people think of the traditional tank models, which are still the most common and see regular use in numerous households. But they’re not the only systems out there. Tankless water heaters provide many benefits that tank models don’t, and if you have one or are thinking of getting one, you need a plumber that knows what they can do!

Trust the Right Company for Air Conditioning Services

When summer hits us, you don’t want to be monkeying around with your air conditioner in the Oak Grove heat. It needs to turn on and perform exactly as expected, day in and day out without complaint. That equation involves a solid company like Air Mechanical, Inc. that can not only install a new system in your home, but keep it maintained year in and year out, and fix it when it runs into trouble. That way, you need never look at rising temperatures with concern!

AC Repair Services Need to Move Quickly

We never plan for an air conditioning breakdown, but it always seems to happen just when we need it the most. Ideally, you can prevent such incidents with timely maintenance, but when you require AC repair, the technicians’ need to come fast to prevent your home from turning into a sauna. Trust the pros at Air Mechanical, Inc. with timely AC repairs every time.

Professionals Can Handle all Kinds of Heating Systems

Heating systems have come a long way from old-fashioned boilers and forced-air furnaces. Today you can find heat pumps, radiant heating systems, and geothermal systems in homes throughout Oak Grove, MN. Keeping them running means getting a service that can handle your specific type of heater, and can deal with any issue from installation to maintenance and repair to replacement.  The professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc. do it all, and our expertise means we can handle any system you might have. Give us a call today!

Trust Us for Furnace Installation and Repair

Forced-air furnaces have a lot to recommend them, and with the right team help you install, repair and maintain it, it’ll always be there for you when you turn it on. With Air Mechanical, Inc., you can be assured that any service calls involving your furnace will take place the right way, and that an older furnace we repair will run just as well as a new one we’ve just installed!

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems Rarely Need Repairs

Geothermal systems draw upon the power of the earth to heat and cool a home, using a system of tubes to pull heat from underground or release heat into the ground. The cost of installing them can be high, but in return, they rarely need repairs. Since they’re located underground, by and large, they’re protected from the ravages of our Oak Grove, MN weather. The few repairs that do take place tend to be simple ones, involving external components like the pump, and for them, you can always call on Air Mechanical, Inc. for timely help!

Indoor Air Quality Means Many Things

Most residents of Oak Grove, MN put temperature first when it comes to indoor comfort levels. But many other things go into indoor air quality: dust and dirt need to be removed from circulation, as do germs and other biological contaminants. High humidity in the summer means you need to pull out the moisture in the air, while low humidity in the winter means you must add moisture. Air Mechanical, Inc. can help with all of that by installing, repairing and maintaining indoor air quality products of all varieties. Give us a call today!

Duct Cleaning and Sealing Services Can Improve Your Heater’s Performance

When your home experiences a duct breach, it either pulls conditioned air out of the system or brings unconditioned air in. Either way, that impacts the effectiveness of your heater and air conditioner, forcing them to work harder and raising your monthly bills in the process. A duct sealing service can solve that problem and help your system perform more efficiently, and duct cleaning can make sure that the air being pushed through our air ducts is as clean as possible for you and your family to breath in.

Why Invest in a Professional Oak Grove, MN Electrician?

An amateur electrician or an overenthusiastic do-it-yourselfer simply may not have the training and experience needed to make electrical repairs or installations in your home. Faulty wiring can cause fires-leading to property damage and even injury. Plus, a malfunctioning electrical system can damage the electronic appliances and devices that are plugged into it. For quality electrical services, you only want to trust a professional with the proper licensing to do the job accurately and safely.

Are You in Need of Electrical Repair Services?

Have you ever plugged something into an electrical outlet and witness sparks? Don’t chalk this up to it simply being a dry day. If you ever see sparks you should shut off power immediately and call in a technician for a thorough electrical inspection and repair. Other signs that you need electrical repairs include flickering lights, outlets that are hot to the touch, buzzing noises from light fixtures or behind walls, and frequently tripped circuit breakers. 

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