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We find that people tend not to think about the plumbing systems in their home until they start malfunctioning. Thankfully when you work with Air Mechanical, Inc. you won’t have to worry even when a part of your plumbing system gives out at the worst possible time. This is because we provide timely and effective plumbing system services for a wide variety of options. That means, whether it is a leaky faucet, a backed-up toilet, a malfunctioning sump pump, or something else, you have a team that is going to be a reliable resource to resolve the issue.

Contact us when you need a team in Maple Grove, MN that can provide services “For the Life of Your Home.”


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Is it time for a new kitchen faucet? Or maybe you are looking to get a sump pump for added protection to your home. Or perhaps you are hoping to add a water filtration system to help reduce your bottled water use. Whatever your reason, we are happy to provide the plumbing installation services that you need to get your new system in place. We guarantee your satisfaction when you work with our plumbing professionals.


Sometimes you are going to have plumbing systems that aren’t doing what they are meant to do. Things will go a lot easier though if you have one great resource to turn to for most of your plumbing repair needs, rather than needing to shop around multiple businesses in Maple Grove, MN until you find the right fit. We offer all of the plumbing services that you might need in one trustworthy business. Contact Air Mechanical, Inc. for assistance


Plumbing maintenance may seem like an odd concept, but it is just as important to your plumbing systems as repairs are. Maintenance is going to help keep your plumbing systems operating more effectively and for longer amounts of time before they need repairs or need to be replaced. This service helps you make the most of your home plumbing. We offer effective maintenance services to help keep your plumbing in great working order.


Sometimes it can be hard to tell when your plumbing system needs a replacement. Some indicators to be aware of include pipes with hardened limescale, water heaters that are over 15 years old, filters that are breaking down or sump pumps that simply can’t do their job anymore. The key to remember when you need a plumbing system replacement is to have a professional like the ones on our team get the job done. Contact us to get started.

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