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3 Ways to Make Your New Air Conditioner Better Than the Old

Friday, May 9th, 2014

If you have decided to replace an aging and inefficient air conditioning system, then you’ve already taken the most important step toward making your new AC better than the old one. Your new system will have a fresh start, without any wear and tear to impair its performance.

However, there are other ways to make certain that this new air conditioning installation in Mounds View, MN provides superior performance and energy-efficiency than the unit it will replace. Here are three ideas from our staff at Air Mechanical, Inc. for how to make this next AC a major step up in quality for home comfort and energy savings.

1. Install a high-efficiency system with better SEER

SEER, “seasonal energy efficiency,” is the standard measure of energy efficiency for all air conditioning systems. The higher the SEER number, the less energy the AC drains to provide cooling. Check on the SEER for your current system. If it’s between 12–16, there is definitely room for improvement. Some high efficiency systems have 22 SEER! The higher the SEER on a unit, the more it will cost to install initially. However, if you factor in your potential energy savings over the next 10 to 15 years, you may find that a higher SEER will cost much less in the long run.

2. Install zone controls along with the new AC

Zone control systems permit you to divide your home into separate “zones” (as many as you need) whose temperatures you can manipulate individually You no longer need to cool down the whole home each time you switch the air conditioning on—and that means an increase in savings on your utility bills. Zone control also permits people in your home to adapt the temperature to suit their needs wherever they are through local thermostats. Installers can put the zone controls into your ventilation system as part of the AC installation.

3. Update your thermostat

People often don’t realize how much a thermostat can make or break an air conditioner. If you have an old thermostat, such as a manual model or an older digital model, from your previous AC, you should definitely upgrade to a superior model when the new air conditioning is put in. A programmable thermostat will give you better control over the temperatures and save money, while the next level in wireless thermostats will put the comfort of your home in the palm of your hand: you can operate the air conditioner from your smart phone, anywhere you have reception. A new AC isn’t complete without a new thermostat to make the most out of it.

Ask our specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc. for more ideas on how to upgrade your AC.

When you have new air conditioning installation in Mounds View, MN, go the extra distance so that you have increased comfort and decreased bills for many years to come.

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3 Benefits to Installing a Humidifier in Mounds View

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Homeowners often recognize the problem with dry air inside their homes and invest in a portable humidifier to help combat the problem. These smaller humidifiers do a decent job if you only need to raise the humidity in one place (such as an infant’s room) for a short time, but to supply your house with a complete solution to aridity, you should consult with professionals about installing a specially-sized humidifier to help with humidity throughout your home.

To find out more about humidifiers in Mounds View, MN, call Air Mechanical, Inc. and talk to our indoor air quality specialists. They can determine the sort of help your house needs to combat dryness and select a humidifier that will solve your problems.

Why Should You Have a Humidifier Installed?

Dry air is often a problem in places with extreme cold climates like Minnesota, and powerful heating systems contribute to the problem. Here are 3 benefits you’ll receive if you reduce that dryness with a humidifier.

  1. Improved health: Aridity contributes to a number of maladies, such as colds, flus, and breathing problems, and also makes it easier for infections to spread. Dry air also causes skin and eye irritation, sore throats, and allergies. Balanced humidity will make your home a healthier place all around.
  2. Better comfort: The same way that high humidity increases the feeling of heat, low humidity increases the feeling of cold. Winter temperatures will feel much more comfortable with a humidifier helping out—and you won’t need to run your heater as much. And, as a bonus, you’ll have fewer problems with static electricity!
  3. Protect your furnishings: Dry air can cause damage to your floors, paint, furniture, as well as personal belongings.

Humidifier Options

There are a number of different types of humidifiers available. Most fall into one of two different categories. Steam humidifiers evaporate water, and ultrasonic humidifiers use a misting process that does not involve boiling water. When you consult with technicians, they will help you pick the right model, and also help you decide if you want individual room humidifiers or a whole-house humidifier. The one you pick will depend on the severity of your problems with low humidity.

At Air Mechanical, Inc., we offer a wide variety of models and brands of dehumidifiers. We’ll find the right one for your home. In need of other HVAC system services in Mounds View too? We’ve got you covered. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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3 Reasons Why Garage Heating in Mounds View Is a Good Idea

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Among the ways to save energy on heating during the winter is the advice “only heat rooms when they are in use.” (A zone control system is very helpful with this.) So when we suggest that you install garage heating in Mounds View, MN, it will run contrary to your expectations. You hardly use the garage except when you park your car, and as long as the car has some shielding from the outdoor weather, it will be fine. Why heat up such a large space that receives so little use?

We have three very good reasons. We hope that after reading this you will call up our heating specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc. and talk about your options for garage heating installation.

Reasons to Install Garage Heating

  1. Protect your water pipes: If you’ve lived through at least one Minnesota winter, you’ll know how important it is to keep the pipes of your plumbing (and your boiler, if you use one) from freezing. When pipes freeze, the increase in pressure often leads to them bursting, requiring expensive replacements. In most homes, important water pipes run through the garage without sufficient insulation. It only requires a basic heating system in the garage to protect your pipes from this threat.
  2. Keep the rest of the house warmer: During the summer, the attic is a place where intense heat gathers, and it can infiltrate into your home and raise the temperature. That’s why you have insulation in the attic. The garage creates the same problem as the attic, but in reverse. The cold temperatures in your garage will seep into your home and force your heating system to work harder. Insulation isn’t much help in this case, because there’s a door leading straight into the home that will often be open. Heating the garage will reduce your home’s heating bills and eventually pay for itself.
  3. Get more use from your garage: An unheated garage isn’t a spot anyone will want to stay in longer than absolutely necessary during the winter. Park the car, get out, run for the door. But how much usable space in your garage goes to waste because of this? You can add a worktable, or a space for building hobbies. How about a spot for the massive model train you always wanted to build? There are so many ways to use that garage space for more than car storage, and garage heaters will help you realize its full potential.

There are a few options for garage heating, with electric the most popular. You will need to work with a professional installer to make sure you get the right type and size for your garage. Call our specialists in heating in Mounds View at Air Mechanical, Inc. today to get started.

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Heat Pumps or Furnaces: Which Is Best for My Home?

Friday, February 7th, 2014

If you are balancing your options for heating your home, you may come down to a choice between two popular—but very different—systems: the heat pump and the furnace. Furnaces are common and have kept homes warm for centuries. Heat pumps are more recent innovations (comparatively, at least) and offer the benefit of air conditioning as well. How best to decide between these two?

First, don’t make the decision alone. When it comes to making any important choice regarding your home, you should always consult with a professional in the field. For your home heating, talk to experts like those at Air Mechanical, Inc. about whether furnaces or heat pumps in Mounds View, MN do the better job—or at least, will do the better job for your home.

Furnaces: pros and cons

Furnaces are common in Minnesota because they excel at defeating extreme cold temperatures. Furnaces can reach high levels of heating rapidly, and they can endure for many years—not as many as boilers, but with a furnace you never have to worry about pipes freezing! Furnaces also have many different options for their fuel source—natural gas, electricity, propane—so there’s always a furnace that will work with your power supply.

The downside of furnaces is that they often require more repairs than other systems to keep them operating. Gas furnaces also pose a larger safety hazard than other systems, although with regular maintenance the risk is minimal.

Heat pumps: pros and cons

The huge advantage of heat pumps is that they work as both heaters and air conditioners. You have winter and summer covered with only one installation. Heat pumps are also exceptionally energy-efficient, since they use a small amount of electricity to move heat from one place to another, rather than burning fuel to create heat, the way a furnace does. A switch to a heat pump from a furnace can often save a family up to 30% off their annual heating bills.

The only drawback for heat pumps is their effective heating power starts to weaken when the temperature goes below freezing. In Minnesota, this can present a problem. A well-insulated house, however, can sometimes compensate.

Let Air Mechanical, Inc. help you find the right heating system

You should have HVAC professionals assisting you from the start of looking for new heating system installation. Call Air Mechanical, Inc. and we can look over your home and perform a heat load calculation to determine the best method to bring you the warmth you need. Whether you end up considering furnaces or heat pumps in Mounds View, MN you can’t go wrong with the services of Air Mechanical, Inc.

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What Causes My Drains to Gurgle?

Friday, December 20th, 2013

You don’t want to hear any unusual sounds coming from your drains. Something like a banging or gurgling noise indicates you need to have professional plumbing repair done before a growing, unseen problem turn into a large, visible (and probably messy) problem.

A gurgling drain can mean a number of different issues in your plumbing, and all of them require professional attention. Air Mechanical, Inc. offers comprehensive plumbing work that can take care of clogged or broken pipes, drain repair, and drain cleaning. We can solve whatever problem has developed with your plumbing system in Mounds View, MN.

The reasons for gurgling drains

That sound you hear coming from your drains is gas bubbles released into the water you have just poured down the sink. Most of the time, the gas is air trapped in a clog, and the air is getting into the water sitting on top of the clog.

These clogs can come from numerous sources. It might be a recent clog due to a piece of food jammed into the sink. More likely, however, the clog is a build-up of grease, oil, fat, and other food deposits that have developed along the inside of the pipe walls until it threatens to close off the drainpipe entirely. Removing this sort of heavy clog often requires the work of a hydro-jetter, a professional plumber’s tool that blasts a concentrated high pressure stream of hot water along the pipe. Hydro-jetters not only blast through clogs, they completely clean out the interior of the pipe.

An even more serious reason for a clog causing gurgling is damage to the sewer line. If the sewer line breaks or becomes blocked, it will start creating sewage back-ups in the drains. Air and other gas escaping from the sewage will create gurgling as it works up through water. Sewer line repairs are large tasks that need professionals to access the pipes and repair them.

There’s another reason for gurgling: blocked vent pipes. Vent pipes attached to your drainpipes allow the safe escape of sewer gas, usually near the roof of your house. They can become blocked because of dirt or animal nests, allowing sewer gas to push up into your drain pipes. Don’t try to go up on the roof to fix this! You need the work of professionals.

Heed the warnings

Although a gurgling drain usually indicates a problem, at least it gives you a warning before the serious trouble starts. Take advantage of this warning to call for professional plumbing in Mounds View, MN. Air Mechanical, Inc. is standing by to assist you, all hours of the day, every day of the week.

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Does the Size of My New Heater Matter?

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

One of the reasons you should always seek advice from professionals when selecting a new heating system for your home is that you need expertise not only to select the proper type of heater that will satisfy your home’s needs, but also to select the proper size of heater.

Why should size matter so much? It seems logical to simply go with the largest model available within your budget. Isn’t it better to err on the side of a heater that’s too large rather than one that’s too small?

This may sound rational if you’re unfamiliar with the technical aspects of home heating and cooling. But having a heater that is too large and powerful for your home is as bad as having one that’s too small. Make sure you avoid either error when you have a heating installation in Mounds View, MN done: hire experienced, NATE-certified technicians to take care of sizing your heater and installing it correctly. You’ll find the right professionals for the job at Air Mechanical, Inc.

A heater that’s too small

You probably understand the disadvantages of installing a heater that’s too small for your home. The system will need to run almost constantly to attain the temperature you desire, which will drain power and lead to a short system life. Even with near-continual operation, the heater will probably never manage to provide even warmth through your home, and some rooms will remain chilly.

A heater that’s too large

What’s so problematic about an overlarge heater? It’s called “short cycling”: the heater will raise the temperature so rapidly that it will reach its target too quickly and shut off before completing its heating cycle. The indoor temperature will soon drop again, and the heater will turn back on for a brief time before shutting off once more… and so on and so on until your heater breaks down from all this unnecessary work. Because a heating system draws the most power during start-up, this constant start-stop cycle will also add up to large heating bills.

Professionals will find the right sized heater for you

Because modern heating systems are complex devices with numerous technical specifications, you will have a difficult time determining the right size one for your home. However, HVAC technicians with the proper training will encounter few problems narrowing down the choices. After performing a heat load calculation in your house to find out the level of heat it requires to make it comfortable, the technicians will know the heater size that will do the job.

Our certified technicians at Air Mechanical, Inc. are ready to assist you with all stages of heating installation in Mounds View, MN. Don’t start the process without our trained help!

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AC Problems You Need A Mounds View Air Conditioning Professional to Fix

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Doing the Basics

For small or big central air conditioning systems in Mounds View, regular cleanings and a filter change should be a part of every season. It’s not hard to remove the cover and replace the panel of webbing that catches lint and other particles out of your conditioned air.

Make sure the drain is clear, always cover the unit when more naturally cool temperatures take over and you’ve got conditioned air and relative peace of mind in the years ahead.

Big Problems

Without the regular service, however, an air conditioner begins to work much harder to produce the same amount (or less) of cool air and parts begin to break down.  With total neglect, the unit itself may need replacement much sooner than was promised when you paid for it. These are repairs that could be avoided and require a Mounds View air conditioning professional to make.

The key ingredient to cooling is a chemical called a refrigerant that is capable of transforming rapidly from gas to liquid and back again at low temperatures. This runs through two intricate tubes, a compressor, and a critical expansion valve that controls the process.  It is a delicate and complicated process that calls for expertise and the right tools, especially since the refrigerant is considered hazardous and requires special handling.

When the air gets stuffy, it could be that the fan is the problem.  Belts could be worn, loose or broken.  The motor may be low on oil and is stained to the breaking point.

If mysterious signs of water or mold are showing up on the inside of the house near the unit, there could be a problem with the condensate that is released with the heat when air is cooled.  This could be a simple or complicated fix, but should be checked out by a Mounds View AC contractor.

For any AC repairs in the Mounds View area, give Air Mechanical Heating, Cooling & Plumbing a call!

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Showerheads that Save Water: A Tip From Mounds View

Friday, August 5th, 2011

If you are looking for ways to save water in your Mounds View home, a low-flow shower head is a great place to start. There are many different types of low-flow shower heads on the market right now, so you should have no trouble finding one that suits both your needs and your budget. However, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you, so it is best to learn a bit about your plumbing options before you make a purchase.

The goal of low-flow shower heads is to use less water. But you do not want to compromise your shower experience at the same time. So you need to find a low-flow shower head that can provide the same feel as a regular shower head with less water. Thanks to plenty of new technological developments, this is quite possible, but not all low-flow shower heads can accomplish this effectively.

The first thing you want to look for in a low-flow shower head is a pressure compensating system. This allows the shower head to provide a consistent stream of water regardless of your water pressure. One of these shower heads makes sure you always have a powerful enough spray for a comfortable shower even when you do not have a lot of water pressure. They do this without wasting water if your water pressure is very high.

You must also decide whether you want a shower head that aerates the water. An aerating shower head adds air to the water spray to make it feel like there is more water than there actually is. Many low-flow shower heads use this technology to enhance the feel of their spray and it can work quite effectively. But aerating the water also tends to cool down the water, meaning that you will have to turn on more hot water (and use more energy) to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Fortunately, there are some low-flow shower heads that do not aerate the water and are still able to provide a comfortable and complete showering experience. You will have to do a bit of digging to find them, but it will be well worth it to you in the long run. If you want more information, contact your local plumbing professional.

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