3 Benefits to Installing a Humidifier in Mounds View

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Homeowners often recognize the problem with dry air inside their homes and invest in a portable humidifier to help combat the problem. These smaller humidifiers do a decent job if you only need to raise the humidity in one place (such as an infant’s room) for a short time, but to supply your house with a complete solution to aridity, you should consult with professionals about installing a specially-sized humidifier to help with humidity throughout your home. To find out more about humidifiers in Mounds View, MN, call Air Mechanical, Inc. and talk to our indoor air quality specialists. They can determine the sort of help your house needs to combat dryness and select a humidifier that will solve your problems.

Why Should You Have a Humidifier Installed?

Dry air is often a problem in places with extreme cold climates like Minnesota, and powerful heating systems contribute to the problem. Here are 3 benefits you’ll receive if you reduce that dryness with a humidifier.
  1. Improved health: Aridity contributes to a number of maladies, such as colds, flus, and breathing problems, and also makes it easier for infections to spread. Dry air also causes skin and eye irritation, sore throats, and allergies. Balanced humidity will make your home a healthier place all around.
  2. Better comfort: The same way that high humidity increases the feeling of heat, low humidity increases the feeling of cold. Winter temperatures will feel much more comfortable with a humidifier helping out—and you won’t need to run your heater as much. And, as a bonus, you’ll have fewer problems with static electricity!
  3. Protect your furnishings: Dry air can cause damage to your floors, paint, furniture, as well as personal belongings.

Humidifier Options

There are a number of different types of humidifiers available. Most fall into one of two different categories. Steam humidifiers evaporate water, and ultrasonic humidifiers use a misting process that does not involve boiling water. When you consult with technicians, they will help you pick the right model, and also help you decide if you want individual room humidifiers or a whole-house humidifier. The one you pick will depend on the severity of your problems with low humidity. At Air Mechanical, Inc., we offer a wide variety of models and brands of dehumidifiers. We’ll find the right one for your home. In need of other HVAC system services in Mounds View too? We've got you covered. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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