3 Reasons Why Garage Heating in Mounds View Is a Good Idea

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Among the ways to save energy on heating during the winter is the advice "only heat rooms when they are in use." (A zone control system is very helpful with this.) So when we suggest that you install garage heating in Mounds View, MN, it will run contrary to your expectations. You hardly use the garage except when you park your car, and as long as the car has some shielding from the outdoor weather, it will be fine. Why heat up such a large space that receives so little use? We have three very good reasons. We hope that after reading this you will call up our heating specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc. and talk about your options for garage heating installation.

Reasons to Install Garage Heating

  1. Protect your water pipes: If you’ve lived through at least one Minnesota winter, you’ll know how important it is to keep the pipes of your plumbing (and your boiler, if you use one) from freezing. When pipes freeze, the increase in pressure often leads to them bursting, requiring expensive replacements. In most homes, important water pipes run through the garage without sufficient insulation. It only requires a basic heating system in the garage to protect your pipes from this threat.
  2. Keep the rest of the house warmer: During the summer, the attic is a place where intense heat gathers, and it can infiltrate into your home and raise the temperature. That’s why you have insulation in the attic. The garage creates the same problem as the attic, but in reverse. The cold temperatures in your garage will seep into your home and force your heating system to work harder. Insulation isn’t much help in this case, because there’s a door leading straight into the home that will often be open. Heating the garage will reduce your home’s heating bills and eventually pay for itself.
  3. Get more use from your garage: An unheated garage isn’t a spot anyone will want to stay in longer than absolutely necessary during the winter. Park the car, get out, run for the door. But how much usable space in your garage goes to waste because of this? You can add a worktable, or a space for building hobbies. How about a spot for the massive model train you always wanted to build? There are so many ways to use that garage space for more than car storage, and garage heaters will help you realize its full potential.
There are a few options for garage heating, with electric the most popular. You will need to work with a professional installer to make sure you get the right type and size for your garage. Call our specialists in heating in Mounds View at Air Mechanical, Inc. today to get started.

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