3 Ways to Make Your New Air Conditioner Better Than the Old

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If you have decided to replace an aging and inefficient air conditioning system, then you’ve already taken the most important step toward making your new AC better than the old one. Your new system will have a fresh start, without any wear and tear to impair its performance. However, there are other ways to make certain that this new air conditioning installation in Mounds View, MN provides superior performance and energy-efficiency than the unit it will replace. Here are three ideas from our staff at Air Mechanical, Inc. for how to make this next AC a major step up in quality for home comfort and energy savings.

1. Install a high-efficiency system with better SEER

SEER, “seasonal energy efficiency,” is the standard measure of energy efficiency for all air conditioning systems. The higher the SEER number, the less energy the AC drains to provide cooling. Check on the SEER for your current system. If it’s between 12–16, there is definitely room for improvement. Some high efficiency systems have 22 SEER! The higher the SEER on a unit, the more it will cost to install initially. However, if you factor in your potential energy savings over the next 10 to 15 years, you may find that a higher SEER will cost much less in the long run.

2. Install zone controls along with the new AC

Zone control systems permit you to divide your home into separate “zones” (as many as you need) whose temperatures you can manipulate individually You no longer need to cool down the whole home each time you switch the air conditioning on—and that means an increase in savings on your utility bills. Zone control also permits people in your home to adapt the temperature to suit their needs wherever they are through local thermostats. Installers can put the zone controls into your ventilation system as part of the AC installation.

3. Update your thermostat

People often don’t realize how much a thermostat can make or break an air conditioner. If you have an old thermostat, such as a manual model or an older digital model, from your previous AC, you should definitely upgrade to a superior model when the new air conditioning is put in. A programmable thermostat will give you better control over the temperatures and save money, while the next level in wireless thermostats will put the comfort of your home in the palm of your hand: you can operate the air conditioner from your smart phone, anywhere you have reception. A new AC isn’t complete without a new thermostat to make the most out of it. Ask our specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc. for more ideas on how to upgrade your AC. When you have new air conditioning installation in Mounds View, MN, go the extra distance so that you have increased comfort and decreased bills for many years to come.

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