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As the leaders in plumbing and HVAC in Cambridge, MN, our plumbers, electricians and heating and air conditioning technicians are committed to providing the best customer service experience they can. When you work with us for residential heating and air conditioning, you’ll enjoy excellent service from the very beginning. First, you’ll speak with one of our dispatchers to set up a time that’s convenient for you, or to see about our 24-hour emergency service. Then, a technician can show up and give you an estimate. Throughout the service or installation, your technicians will keep you informed of the process, and they will make sure that you know exactly what is happening when they make any changes.

Call Air Mechanical, Inc. for plumbing, heating and air conditioning services and systems in Cambridge, MN.

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Plumbing Specialists

Plumbing problems can pop up rather unexpectedly, often at a time that is not considered to be within normal business hours. Thankfully, we’ve got plumbers working 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. When your plumbing system leaks or clogs, it’s a serious issue, and you should have someone to call who can help. We are a trusted name in plumbing in the Cambridge area, providing services to local residents since 1985. We offer quality work, fair pricing, and expert plumbing advice.

Water Heater

More and more homeowners in the Cambridge, MN area are choosing tankless water heaters, but this doesn’t mean that it’s right for your home. Tankless water heaters save space and energy by only heating water right when you need it and shutting off right afterwards. But tank water heaters still cost less at first, and some people prefer to have hot water readily available.

Air conditioning

We install, replace, repair, and maintain air conditioners, but that’s not all we do. We also offer our expertise to anyone who needs it. Not sure how to change a filter? We can help. Wondering what thermostat setting to keep your system at? Let us help you choose. We can even upgrade your thermostat or install a zone control system within an air conditioning system so that you get greater control over your comfort with thermostats in different rooms of the home. So, give us a call to schedule air conditioning services for your Cambridge, MN home.

Air conditioning repair

When you need air conditioning repair in Cambridge, MN, our HVAC contractors will take care of it as quickly as possible. We offer 24-hour emergency services because it can be difficult to get by without air conditioning on a hot and humid day, especially if you have small children or elderly relatives living in the home, and because a condensate leak could cause a lot of damage.

Heating services

When a heater shuts down or stops heating your home comfortably, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to solve the problem. Of course, repairing a heating system is difficult, and even diagnosing the problem requires the help of a trained professional most of the time. However, you can check to see if your unit has tripped the circuit breaker, which only needs to be replaced. And a lack of airflow or warm air may just mean your filter is dirty. Call us for more information and helpful advice about your heating.

Does Your Furnace Need Service?

If your furnace is struggling to operate, you should call a technician ASAP. But even if your furnace does not appear to be in trouble, consider making a professional maintenance call before the heating season begins. Schedule heating services with a professional technician right not and your furnace can be in better condition after a tune-up that often improves both performance and efficiency.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Services

If you’re seeking geothermal heating and cooling system repairs or installation, you need a qualified professional to do it for you. And some local technician may not be up for the work. This requires heavy equipment and machinery that only some technicians have access to. Our experienced techs are the people to call, as we have the experience and skill to do any geothermal job. Just contact our expert team to get one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems out there.

Indoor Air Quality

Viruses and bacteria can make you sick. Dust mites, pollen, and pet dander can aggravate your allergies or someone’s asthma. And all of these contaminants and more are likely to be found in the air in your home or in your duct system. Get a new indoor air quality system from Air Mechanical, Inc.. Our air filtration systems and air purifiers are much more effective than the standard air filters at removing pollutants that affect your health. In addition, we offer duct cleaning to remove these particles from the air ducts.


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