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Since 1985, Air Mechanical, Inc. has offered residents of Maple Grove, MN the finest in service to keep their homes comfortable and their plumbing in optimal shape. Our team of trained and licensed technicians is on call to assist you with whatever your home may need, whether it’s a full installation of a new air conditioning system or fast leak detection and leak repairs for the plumbing. It’s our mission to provide all of our customers with work that uses the best in cutting-edge technology to deliver results that keep people coming back to us again and again. Contact our team today to schedule plumbing, air conditioing, heating or electrical services in Maple Grove, MN and the surrounding area!

Contact Air Mechanical, Inc. for plumbing, air conditioning and heating services and systems in Maple Grove, MN.

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Plumbing services in Maple Grove, MN

It’s vital for the health of your plumbing  system and your general convenience at home that you only call on licensed professional plumbers, no matter what work you need done. Air Mechanical, Inc. offers comprehensive plumbing: there’s no job we can’t do, and no assignment is too big or too small. In addition to our plumbing installation and repair work, we also offer water treatment systems and services for a range of water heaters in Maple Grove. Call us to find out what we can do for you.

Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are appliances that receive use throughout the year, no matter the temperature outside. When you have a water heater that’s in trouble, or if you are in the market to have a new water heater installed, make us your first choice for service. We also handle the routine maintenance your water heater requires to keep doing its job.

Air Conditioning

Summers in Maple Grove are no joke. That’s why you need to have a good quality air conditioner to keep your home cool during the hot months! Air Mechanical, Inc. is capable of taking care of whatever work you need done to ensure that you receive a steady flow of cool air moving through the house during summer. Our technicians offer new installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance service for many types of ACs. Contact us today to find out how we can keep your home cool.

AC Repair

When a home’s air conditioning system breaks down or starts to fail at providing appropriately cool temperatures, you can’t afford to wait to have it fixed. Just contact our skilled repair technicians and schedule air conditioning repair in Maple Grove, MN. They’re standing by, night and day every day of the week, to see that you won’t have to sweat it out in your home for long.

Heating Services

Winters in Minnesota are almost proverbial for their intensity. Even people who don’t live here understand how crucial it is that homes receive quality heating  from a system that’s ready to come on at any time. Air Mechanical, Inc. takes your family’s winter comfort seriously, and we take immense pride in the level of heating services that we provide. We’ll handle putting in a new heater (either as a first system or a replacement), fast repairs 24/7, and regular maintenance to fend off surprise malfunctions in the future.


No other type of heating system is better suited to beat back the fierce Minnesota cold weather than a gas furnace. You probably have a furnace working to keep your home warm, and if so you should make our technicians your first call for any work it may need-including replacing it. We’ll keep your family cozy and safe thanks to our furnace expertise.

Consider Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Air Mechanical, Inc. is a major provider of geothermal heating and cooling services in Maple Grove, MN. It’s our goal to see that you have the most efficient and advanced comfort system available, and a geothermal heat pump that utilizes heat from down in the earth is one of the most energy-efficient systems you can have installed. But we don’t stop at the installation: our geothermal professionals are skilled with repairs and the special maintenance requirements of geothermal heat pumps. Call today to learn more about going geothermal for your home comfort.

Let Us Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

Plenty of factors can negatively affect your home’s indoor air quality, coming from both inside and outside it. It takes trained specialists, like those at Air Mechanical, Inc., to determine the right type of indoor air quality solutions for a home. We have a wide range of IAQ services, such as installing air cleaners and purifiers, heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators, and dehumidifiers. You can rely on us to see that you and your family breathe the healthiest air in your home in Maple Grove, MN.

Professional Electricians

Did you know that your electrical  panel might be outdated? Homes today are met with much greater electrical demands than in the past-with the addition of entertainment systems, computers, and even mobile devices that need charging. You don’t need to limit the amount of electrical appliances and devices you own, but you may need to update your electrical panel to accommodate. If you believe this is the case in your home, call our electricians today!

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