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Copper Pipe Is So Expensive: Are There Alternatives for My Plumbing Repair Needs?

Friday, August 30th, 2013

You rely on your plumbing system for more daily tasks than you may realize. Everything from doing laundry, washing dishes, taking showers and generating hot water requires a successful operation from your indoor plumbing system. Needless to say, the plumbing in your home is just as susceptible to wear and tear, old age issues and damages as anything else. Plumbing repair in Blaine is an inevitability. While many people swear by copper plumbing for most applications, the fact of the matter is that it is extremely expensive to purchase compared to other options. If you find copper piping cost prohibitive, there are a few other options well worth your consideration.

Here are some plumbing repair tips from the professional plumbers at Air Mechanical, Inc.

One option to consider is PEX plumbing materials. PEX is much cheaper than copper, and it is also very easy to install. It does not require any glue, and it is not very likely to burst should it freeze, a real concern in Minnesota. It is flexible, which allows it to be snaked through your home for installation convenience, and requires less access than copper does. This makes it a great option for repair jobs in existing houses. It also does not corrode the way that copper can if you have acidic water in your home. No special tools are needed to join PEX piping together, as connections can be made with crimp rings and cinch clamps. Your professional plumber will have everything needed to ensure that your PEX plumbing is safely and effectively pieced together.

CPVC is another material to consider for plumbing repair in our home. This is a thermoplastic material which is great for supplying both hot and cold water. It is much more heat resistant than standard PVC piping, which is not used for hot water delivery. It is also nontoxic and offers impressive strength, minimizing the risk of burst pipes. It too is substantially cheaper than copper, and much lighter to handle. It will not galvanize the way that copper can, and can be pieced together using a special cementing material.

For more information about your copper piping alternatives, you must contact a professional plumber. Air Mechanical can answer any questions you may have. Schedule your plumbing repair in Blaine with us, and know that you are getting quality service.

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Why is My Air Conditioning Not Cold Enough?

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

There are few situations more frustrating and disruptive to your comfort during the hot summer months than a malfunctioning air conditioning system. If your air conditioner cannot keep your home cool and comfortable, you are in for a long, uncomfortable cooling season. Make sure that your air conditioning in Andover, MN is able to provide you with the effective, reliable performance you need to make it through the hottest time of the year unscathed. Call the air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc. today to learn more. We’ll ensure that your AC is up to the challenge that lies ahead.

One serious problem that many homeowners face with their air conditioning system is an air conditioner that simply cannot cool their home enough. If your home cooling system turns on and blows cold air, but simply not enough of it, there are few different issues that may be the source of your problem. It is possible that your air conditioning system is simply not the right size for your home. If this is the case, you may want to schedule an air conditioning replacement to better fit your home’s needs.

You may also have a refrigerant leak in your air conditioning system. The refrigerant cycled throughout your air conditioning system is not used up or consumed, but rather recycled over and over. This means that a low refrigerant charge is most likely the result of a leak. Only a skilled professional can determine the exact cause of your refrigerant issues.

Finally, a component of your AC may be compromised in some way. Your thermostat, for instance, may not be accurately reading the temperature in your home, causing your AC to shut off prematurely. Your air filter may also be clogged, which can create too much airflow resistance in your system.

Whatever the cause of your air conditioning problems, Air Mechanical, Inc. has the answers you need to resolve the issue. Call today to learn more. Our Andover, MN air conditioning experts can thoroughly inspect your system and help you to determine how best to handle the situation.

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How to Get The Most Our of Your Air Conditioning This Summer

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

With summer in full swing, many homeowners are looking for any way that they can get greater efficiency out of their AC system. Here at Air Mechanical we want our customers to stay as comfortable as possible while also getting the greatest efficiency possible from their air conditioner. Check out our quick list below of some of the things that you can do for your air conditioning system to make sure that it is operating at peak efficiency. Give us a call if you need any kind of Oak Grove, MN air conditioning services like repair, maintenance or installation.

Oak Grove, MN Air Conditioning Tip: How to Increase Efficiency

So what can you do to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your air conditioning system? Here are a few ideas.

  • Change the air filter – Probably the most common cause of air conditioning problems is a clogged air filter. Your AC system uses an air filter to keep dust and dirt from getting into the moving parts. If the air filter isn’t changed regularly it can get clogged which will restrict the flow of air through the system and cause it to have to work harder to pull in new air. Not only will this decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system, but it will also reduce the amount of cool air that you get in your home.
  • Get regular maintenance – Probably the best thing that you can do for the efficiency of your air conditioning system is get it regularly maintained. As your AC system operates, it will develop small problems that can cause it to have to work harder to cool your home. During regular maintenance visits, our technicians will thoroughly inspect, clean and tune-up your system which will allow us to find those problems and repair them before they have the chance to cause your system any problems.
  • Duct cleaning – Finally, make sure that your ducts are clean. In addition to reducing efficiency, dirty and clogged ducts can also reduce the air quality in your home.

For all your Oak Grove, MN air conditioning services just call the experts at Air Mechanical Inc. today.

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Air Conditioning System Options

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

As important as choosing the right air conditioning system for your home may be, it is equally important that you schedule your Blaine, MN air conditioning services with a skilled professional. That is why you should contact Air Mechanical to learn more about your air conditioning installation options. No matter how great an air conditioning system you may invest in, you will never get the efficient, reliable performance you deserve from your AC if you do not match the right system to your home and personal cooling habits. Luckily, our skilled air conditioning technicians are always available to help you find the best cooling system for your personal needs and cooling habits.

As far as air conditioning systems go, there is a great variety to choose from. Split central air conditioning systems remain the standard. These air conditioners feature an outdoor condenser unit, as well as a system of air ducts to distribute cooled air throughout your home. There are a few issues with such systems that dissuade homeowners from using them, though. Air ducts, when not properly installed or professionally maintained, can be a serious source of energy loss. Plus, many homes cannot accommodate the installation of an air duct system.

Ductless mini splits are a great option for homeowners in this situation. These systems eliminate the need for bulky ductwork altogether. By using individual, wall mounted blowers to cool rooms directly, you can enjoy great comfort levels with the added benefit of simple zone controlled cooling. Call today to learn more.

For even greater air conditioning efficiency, consider the installation of a heat pump on your property. This is a great way to cut down on your energy use and the environmental impact of your air conditioning system at the same time. By transferring ambient heat out of your home, a heat pump is able to keep you cool in an incredibly affordable way.

To learn more about your air conditioning system options, give Air Mechanical a call. We can answer any questions you may have about air conditioning in Blaine, MN. When you schedule your air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services with us, you can count on a great, energy efficient performance from your home cooling system.

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Which Thermostat is Right for My Home?

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

It’s amazing what thermostats can do these days. At Air Mechanical, we carry and install a wide variety of thermostats to meet your budget and needs. These can range from thermostats with basic temperature controls to programmable thermostats that run their own diagnostics and can be adjusted remotely via your smart phone.

Keep in mind that your thermostat plays a major roll in the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. If you use a wireless thermostat, be sure to place it away from direct sunlight so it can properly gauge the temperature of your home. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your temperature conservatively if your home will be empty most of the day and adjust the temperature controls on your phone so the house is cool and comfortable by the time you get home.

Check out our Air Mechanical Tech Moment below for more information about different types of thermostats, or call us today to schedule an appointment!

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