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Duct Cleaning for your New Home

    Has your home just been built? Or perhaps your home has been built but recently renovated before you moved in? New homes are one of the best candidates for a thorough duct cleaning as the duct systems are often installed before the insulation, drywall, or other dust and dirt-generating construction.   Keep in ...

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How Does Duct Cleaning Save Me Money?

You should schedule professional duct cleaning for your ventilation system every one or two years, depending on how rapidly your system gathers dust and other pollutants. A team of duct cleaning specialists will come to your home and use power...

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Is Duct Cleaning Really Worth the Investment?

Do you know how well-sealed your home is from the outside air? If you live in a house built within the last three decades, it is likely a closed environment designed to trap heat indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer. This is helpful in keeping your energy bills in check, but it also leads to another concern: dust and dirt contained inside your home with no easy outlet.

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Duct Cleaning -$50 Off!

While it might be the last you think about when you do home maintenance, dirty air ducts can make a big difference in how well your heating and air conditioning system works. Not only do dirty air ducts lead to poor indoor air quality...

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Cleaning Air Conditioners

One of the best things you can do to help maintain high indoor air quality in your White Bear Lake home is to clean your air conditioning system on a regular basis. While these systems make it possible to endured a long, hot summer with minimal discomfort, they can also become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and other indoor air contaminants that can make you sick or cause other types of problems.

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