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Prepare Your Furnace for the Holidays

This holiday season, don’t let problems with your furnace keep you from enjoying a family meal. Make sure your furnace is in the best shape possible, and you can prevent sudden breakdowns (and improve efficiency, too!).

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How Does a Furnace Work?

Most homeowners have a furnace inside of their homes, a heating system that often uses natural gas (although it may use electricity or oil) to heat up the air and send it throughout the home. But because the furnace itself tends to be out of your sight, you might not think much about how it operates.

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Why Replacing Your Boiler May Be Worthwhile

The boiler is one of the two great workhorses of the home heating world. (The other one is the furnace.) They have stayed around for so long because… well, they have the ability to stay around for a long time. Boilers have a longevity that few heating systems can match, and they need fewer repairs than furnaces or heat pumps do because they have fewer mechanical parts. With proper maintenance done annually, a boiler can last over 20 years.

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Why Is My Furnace Making a Strange Noise?

If you have a furnace in Andover, MN, you don’t want it to fail during one of our harsh cold winter days. If your furnace starts making unusual noises, it might be a warning sign of trouble. You probably know what sounds to expect from your furnace when it’s operating normally, so anything out of the ordinary needs your attention. If your furnace requires repairs, turn to the professionals at Air Mechanical Inc. We’ve serviced heating troubles since 1985 with our large and skilled staff, and can service your furnace in Andover.

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Heating Tip: Comparing Heating Fuel Costs

Looking for a new heating system or upgrade for your Ham Lake area home? Before you choose a new furnace or boiler system, be sure that you understand how to compare the costs of fuel in your area. While you may thing that natural gas is the best choice for a furnace...

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Furnace Efficiency Tips

If you’re like many people in Andover, you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills. With energy prices on the rise, people are doing everything they can to decrease the amount of fuel that they have to buy to heat their home. If you have a furnace, you’re likely in the same situation....

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How a Furnace Works: A Guide from Champlin

Do you know how your furnace works? Believe it or not, lots of Champlin homeowners probably can’t explain the operation of furnace. It probably isn’t at the top of your “to do” list. It’s only important to know that...

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