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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Heating System

Is your heating system running just the way you want it to? Or could you use an upgrade for your comfort, your health, or your system’s efficiency? We’ve got some recommendations on how you can upgrade your heating system and feel much more comfortable throughout the years.

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Problems Caused by Faulty Thermostats

The thermostat has a tremendous amount of power for so small an object. This unobtrusive unit attached to a wall in your house has full control over the heating and cooling systems that make indoor life comfortable year round. But because people often overlook the thermostat, they don’t realize when a thermostat with a fault is creating trouble with their HVAC system.

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Which Thermostat is Right for My Home?

It's amazing what thermostats can do these days. At Air Mechanical, we carry and install a wide variety of thermostats to meet your budget and needs. These can range from thermostats with basic temperature controls to programmable thermostats that run their own diagnostics and can be adjusted remotely via your smart phone.

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Heating Tip: How to Replace a Thermostat

There are a lot of common household tasks that Eden Prairie do-it-yourselfers can handle beyond changing light bulbs or replacing a fuse. One of those is changing out a thermostat. The reasons for replacing a thermostat...

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