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Boiler Repair Guide: The Circulator Pump

A boiler is an excellent alternative to using a forced-air system such as a gas furnace to heat your home. Boilers use hydronic power—the power of water—to circulate heat to radiators and baseboard heaters that send out clean, dust-free warmth into rooms, and they perform more efficiently on average than furnaces.

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Problems Caused by Faulty Thermostats

The thermostat has a tremendous amount of power for so small an object. This unobtrusive unit attached to a wall in your house has full control over the heating and cooling systems that make indoor life comfortable year round. But because people often overlook the thermostat, they don’t realize when a thermostat with a fault is creating trouble with their HVAC system.

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What Can a Humidifier Do for My Home

Most people know how terrible high humidity can feel during the summer, which is why they wish the weather would switch to a “dry heat.” Although a dry heat brings some relief during hot spells, dry air in general isn’t good for your home—especially during winter when the cold temperatures cause a plunge in moisture.

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