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How a Dehumidifier Can Lower Your Bills

Monday, April 27th, 2015

When there is moisture in the air, you can feel it. High levels of humidity leave people with a feeling often described as “sticky” and can make you feel a lot warmer than the temperature on the thermostat would indicate. It can even lead to the development of mold. The solution? A whole-house dehumidifier. This installation helps to remove moisture from the air, and it can even reduce your monthly spending.

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Why Should You Install a New Air Cleaner?

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Everyone deserves to breathe in clean air every day, but unfortunately, achieving clean air is not always easy. The air in your home may have a number of particulates like dust and pollen or bioaerosols (living organisms) like bacteria. But how do you know whether these are a problem in your home? And doesn’t your air filter already help to trap these and keep them out of the air? We’ll answer those questions in today’s guide.

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4 Tips for Quality Air Conditioning Installation

Monday, April 13th, 2015

A brand new air conditioning system can provide you with greater comfort, more energy savings, and advanced features which your older unit did not have. But an improperly installed air conditioning system will not do you any good at all. Make sure your air conditioning system runs properly and efficiently for years to come by following these tips.

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3 Reasons to Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

Monday, April 6th, 2015

The days are warming up, and soon enough it will be time to think about switching on your air conditioning once again. Many homeowners in our area do not have any ducts in the home already, which means that we sometimes have to find alternative ways to have whole-home air conditioning in the house. While installing ducts in the home is certainly an option, wouldn’t it be nice to find an efficient, ductless, whole-home solution instead? Here are 3 good reasons to consider installing a ductless mini-split today.

1. Ducts Can Develop Leaks Easily

One of the problems with the traditional ductwork layout is that ducts are susceptible to holes and cracks that can seriously affect the performance of a forced-air AC system. Experts at the US Department of Energy estimate that the typical ductwork system in the United States loses up to 30% of the heated or cooled air that moves through it, resulting in greater energy spending.

2. Installation Takes Less Time and Hassle

Installing new ductwork involves major home renovations which take up your time and result in some annoying inconveniences. Installing a ductless mini split, on the other hand, only involves drilling a hole in the wall to feed through a conduit holding the refrigerant line and the electrical wiring. One outdoor compressor unit (like that of a conventional home air conditioning system) can hold up to 4 indoor  air handlers, which are mounted high up on the walls in different zones of the home.

3. Built-In Zone Control!

A final reason to install a ductless mini-split is the built-in zone control. While you most likely need to purchase several indoor air handlers to blow cool air throughout the house, each unit also comes with its own thermostat. You can control all of the handlers at once from a single master thermostat or you can control any individual unit separately from the others. This means no arguments from family members about the temperature in their own rooms, as they can set this on their own. And you can save some money by shutting off indoor air handlers in rooms that are not in use.

Call the experts at Air Mechanical, Inc. for ductless air conditioning installation in Andover, MN and the surrounding areas.

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