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What You Should Know About Your Furnace

The furnace is the most common whole-home heating installation in the US. In our area, most households have gas or oil furnaces. Gas furnaces are typically preferable since natural gas is relatively available in most homes.

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Get Heater Repairs Taken Care Of before Temperatures Fall

It’s nearly fall, and that means that your heater is almost ready to be back in action. However, you won’t get much from it if your heating system is in need of repair. If your heater started malfunctioning during the last cold spell, it cannot have gotten better on its own.

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Why You Should Get Your Heating System Tuned Up Today

It’s that time of year again! We know fall isn’t quite here yet, and that you’re probably still using your air conditioning system to stay comfortable. But for heating and air conditioning technicians, it’s an important time of year—the time when we remind homeowners to tune-up their heating systems.

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