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When Should I Check My Detectors? Now!

Monday, October 28th, 2019
Common plastic white home smoke detector alarm, preventing an abnormal smoke in the room from perhaps a fire with a sound very loud. In the image, there is a big fire in the room and there is smoke that rises to the ceiling where is placed the equipement. This one is mounted on wooden ceiling. For example in France country, those smoke detector are required since march 2015. On the sensor is written that we should not paint it, and direction to open or close it, there is the test button because we need to check it regularly, and a red led indicating that the battery inside is always good.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt victimized by a smoke alarm that went off at 3 a.m. simply because its battery had died. We are pretty sure almost everyone has experienced this.

While these incidents can make even the most patient person consider tearing their smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector out of the wall, we have to insist that you don’t, for the sake of your safety. These detectors are built to, well, detect problems and keep you safe in the event of a gas leak or a fire.

In fact, the next time your detector wakes you up in the middle of the night, you should make a mental note to check on these vital home safety systems. After all, if one or both are malfunctioning, it could literally turn out to be a life-or-death situation.

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Preparing Your Sump Pump For Rain

Monday, October 14th, 2019

The weather here in Andover certainly took a turn. It is quite interesting to experience sun and warm temperatures one day, and rain and light snow within the next couple of days.

But this is Minnesota, so most of us come prepared. However, while scarves, boots, and coats may be ready, the question remains as to whether you have prepared the vital part of your home’s plumbing to help you deal with all that water.

Yes, we are talking about your sump pump. Read on to learn how to prepare yours for the deluge.

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