3 Common Early Season AC Repairs

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Early on in the air conditioning season, it’s a surprise when something goes wrong. But there are several AC repairs that we are often called about early on in the cooling season in Ham Lake, MN. Remember that annual maintenance visits can help out immensely, preventing that surprise element with a thorough inspection and getting the system into peak condition.

Resolving Water Leaks

Your air conditioner is designed to help get rid of humidity in the air, but if the drainage system is impaired, water could leak into your home instead. If you notice this problem early in the season, shut off your AC system and call in technicians ASAP. Often, technicians can simply clean out the condensate drain line or move the drip tray back to the proper position. But sometimes, a frozen coil is the source of your trouble, in which case any number of problems within the system could be responsible.

Refrigerant Leak Repair

If you added refrigerant to your AC system last year, you might be surprised to learn that your system needs more. The problem is that if your technician only added refrigerant without making any other repairs, they were not doing the job correctly. Refrigerant does not naturally dissipate from an AC system. You are only missing refrigerant because it was not properly measured in the first place or because it has leaked out through the refrigerant line, or worse, the compressor. A technician should seal the leak before adding any refrigerant. It is not typical to need a refrigerant recharge every year.

AC Capacitor Replacement

This small electrical part just goes out eventually, but it’s usually nothing to be concerned about. It’s not a very expensive part, although it is important for starting up the motor and getting the whole system up and running. If the capacitor goes out, the blower, the outside fan, or the compressor may not work (and they are all essential to the AC’s operation.

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